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Ecommerce Logo Design: How to Find the Right Logo for Your Online Store

Your logo for your online store will be an essential part of your branding, so it is important to get it right. To do this there are a number of factors to take into account, and here we look at five of the key considerations to make sure your logo is fit for purpose now and into the future.


The simplest, cleanest lines in a logo usually work best. This is because a logo will appear across many mediums and at many sizes. So if you include too much detail or complexity this can often be lost when the image is very small. Simplicity typically makes for images to be more memorable as well, something that is hugely important for your brand.


The logo needs to be memorable and different enough from the logos of other companies that there could never be any confusion as to which brand it represents. There are, of course, going to be recurring themes across brands, for example, many businesses that sell outdoors or camping equipment have a representation of a mountain in their logo. However, they each put a unique spin on it to make it their own.


When you are designing your logo, or briefing your designer, you always need to keep in mind the appeal of the design to your ideal client. Depending on what you sell or what service you provide you should possess a very strong vision of who will be purchasing from you. Thus, when you create your logo, keep this in the forefront of your mind. Do you want to appeal mostly to men or women, a younger audience or more mature, are you selling a fun product for leisure or a very formal client service for business owners? The answers to all of these questions will impact the colors, images and fonts you include in your logo.


In line with the point above, color can be very influential in the feelings produced by your logo, and it is worth doing some research on color to see what would be a good fit for your business. For example, the color white sums up a sense of healing whilst the color blue engenders trust. It is important to be aware of the cultural significance of different colors if you run a company in either the wellness or financial fields.

Of course, color alone isn’t the whole story, and it should be balanced with the images and fonts you want to include. You also need to consider that while your logo works well in color, does it work as well in black and white, as there may be occasions when you need to use it in that format, for example in print.


A logo is so central to your branding that it is something that you are going to want to use for a long time ahead. You will invest so much time and money in spreading the word about what your logo is and what it represents that the last thing you want to do is to have to amend it or even replace it, at least not often.

Therefore think about whether you can live with the design over the long-term, you need to love it because you will be heavily invested in its promotion. You also don’t want it to date too severely, so think carefully about your use of fonts and don’t rely too heavily on trends. What is hot now may be seen as hugely dated in just a year or two.

Always keep in mind the needs and wants of your ideal customer when you are deciding on the right logo for your online store. Add to that originality, simplicity and longevity, and you will have a logo that will stand perfectly for your business and stand the test of time.

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