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Build a custom, SEO-friendly website
that delivers with Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles Branding, Marketing and Web Design agency with a unique and attainable goal: to make our clients more successful. We’ve helped entrepreneurs build their brands from the ground up and delivered marketing resources as well as beautiful websites to accomplish our mission.

Wordpress Design

Wordpress Design

Turn advertising dollars into revenue with a responsive website that easily converts your visitors. We will create the best design to fit your brand’s needs and aesthetic, with simple navigation for ease of use.

Shopify Design

Shopify Design

Optimize your e-commerce website to easily sell online, in-person, and through social media. We can help you find the best design and plug-ins to make your customers’ Shopify experience simple and easy.



Find the right strategy for marketing your e-commerce account. Boost sales with expert search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and Google AdWords management.

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Create a responsive website that sells

Think Outside Your Mind

Digital marketing has become the primary source for converting customers and increasing sales. In utilizing the online market to advance your business, we source in house developers and use state-of-the-art-technology to develop personal, modern web and mobile sites.  

Whether you sell products, lead a non-profit organization, or work as a lifestyle influencer, we aim to create elegant sites that express your story.

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Web-Accessible

  • Mobile Design (UX/UI)

  • E-Commerce

  • Social Network Integration

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Management

Rank Your Way to The First Page of Google with eCommerce Solutions

Mad Mind Studios is a full-service marketing agency that builds eCommerce destined to hit sales goals. Our team of marketing experts will thoroughly examine your website, page by page, to determine the best e-commerce solutions. 

Don’t have a site just yet? Don’t worry, we’ll develop an e-commerce website from the ground up.


  • Customizable Layouts

  • Online & Social Media Sales

  • Campaign Analysis


  • Built in Payment Processing

  • Orders and Customer Management

  • Optimize Online Store


  • SEO

  • Link Building

  • Content Management


Web Design and Development Planning Process

  1. Consult: Review your current website and discuss the necessary steps to achieve the design and functions you desire. 
  2. Research: Analyze competition within your industry to determine e-commerce solutions that will benefit your site and make your brand stand out. 
  3. Create Content: Write creative content using fitting keywords and search engine optimization to increase the chances of ranking on the first page of Google. 
  4. Design: Construct beautiful web designs that depict your brand’s identity, conveying the purpose of your product or service. 
  5. Develop: Build a web-accessible site that is easy to navigate and converts viewers into regular customers.
  6. Track: Follow the results of your newly designed, optimized website to conclude it’s success and suggest ongoing ways in which it can improve. 

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Our Clients

We’ve partnered with many innovators over the years that have continued to grow their brand after working with us. Each and every one of our clients have gained success from our services, and we are happy to have established lasting relationships with them.