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Winning Brand Strategies For Nonprofits

Branding is an important element for all organizations, as it is what people ultimately use to identify your brand. Your brand is what people automatically think about when they think of your organization, whether it is nonprofit or not. However, nonprofits aim for different purposes when strategically planning out their brand strategies. This can impact your public image, fundraising potential, and overall engagement. We have compiled a list of 4 Brand Strategies For Nonprofits that we believe are important to implement.

1. Be Original

There are many different nonprofits in the world, so it is important to point out the specifics that make yours unique and stand out. It is extremely important to showcase what is different about your nonprofit, and what makes you original. A Lot of organizations tend to face difficulties determining how they are different amongst others, but it just takes extra work and research to make sure you have the answer. You can start by pinpointing where it is you work, you could possibly be the only nonprofit in that particular region. Next, you can target your method and discuss how your problem-solving skills differ from competitors. Lastly, your end goal should be unique and very specific, making it different than others.

2. Customize The Organization

Another brand strategy for nonprofits includes personalizing the organization. This is an important concept for all business, organizations, and brands. But when it comes to a non profit, you really want to customize the feel, because there are so many that are going to try and compete. You want to let people know that their thoughts and opinions matter. So by allowing a personable experience with the organization, people will be able to feel they are part of a special program.

3. Reflect your Values

Understand that your brand is more than a color or logo, it is your brand identity to the world. Your online presence, names and the way you even present yourself. Potential donors should not have to struggle to find what your nonprofit organization does, it should be obvious. Through extensive research, make sure your values are being reflected in your brand image. This is important to those who want to do a quick search for a specific organization and read more about what your nonprofit does. As long as it is clear what type of organization you are, you have a strong brand presence, and your values are reflected it will be a more reliable nonprofit to others.

4. Think Globally

These days, once something is published on the internet, it has the potential to reach millions of people in the matter of seconds. Use this to your advantage, not disadvantage. When putting your nonprofit out there, make sure it is able to be understood globally, and relatable to people all over the world. With this said, you also need to make sure your message cannot be misinterpreted by other cultures. Everything you say, and the message you send needs to be thoroughly analyzed so it will not backfire and be misconstructed.
If you are interested in speaking to someone regarding brand strategies for nonprofits, please contact us today by phone at 310-402-1613 or by email at info@omidm1.sg-host.com to speak to one of our marketing specialists to gather further information.

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