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Why Your Brand Needs an Animated Logo?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Logo design plays a significant role in your branding strategy. This visual reflects your company’s personality and is one of the first things consumers notice about you. Today, brands have gone a step further with their logo design. They’ve incorporated logo animation into their digital campaigns to embody the mission of their establishment. 

Why should your company consider an animated logo?

Logo animation is a modern way to communicate your brand to customers; drawing is a massive younger target audience. Millennials connect to emotion-filled animation that is both likable and well designed. It makes your company appear innovative and unafraid to grow with the times. Let’s face it; no one wants outdated products or services. 

In addition to consumers and innovation, new technology has allowed designers to think outside of the box. Designers are now using advanced programs, including motion graphics, to transform dull, static visuals into exciting features. We at Mad Mind Studios are offering logo animation services that can expand your company’s digital presence. Now, you can avoid ever appearing outdated to the youth.

Take a look at some competitive logo animation designs in the video above this blog.

Here are some other reasons why your brand should examine logo animation:

  1. Brand Awareness: A well-designed animated logo has the potential to gain the attention of diverse consumers. Dynamic visuals like moving icons increase the chance of your business being remembered by any and everyone who sees.
  2. Communicate Emotion: Imagery that makes consumers feel positive emotions is powerful. An impressive moving animated logo showcases a charm onlookers can’t resist.
  3. Make an Amazing First Impression: Fixed logos can lose the user’s attention fast. Animated visuals give customers a more extended amount of time to see your logo. A couple of seconds can make all of the difference to gain someone’s interest.
  4. Tell Your Story: Here is where an animated logo can shine! Animated logos are often shared throughout the digital space in promotional videos, social platforms, and anywhere else on the web.


Where can your brand showcase an animated logo?

Company Website

Make your logo design pop by including a dynamic version at the top of your business website. Website visitors amused by your logo animation results in more time spent on your page. The right animated logo can push visitors to purchase your products or services. 

Contact an experienced ecommerce marketing team that creates ecommerce web design for suggested logo placement. 

Social Media 

It is vital that your business post strong visuals that effectively communicate the message behind your brand. Take advantage of social media marketing techniques on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your animated icons! An animated logo that connects with your viewers can convert followers into customers and increase sales for your company. 

Google Ads Banners

Lively visuals on online ads easily attract attention to your products or services. As a Google Ads agency, we know that animated text and images can drive traffic to your website by merely standing out on a page. Eye-catching visuals used for your advertising campaigns are always a great choice. 

Promotional Video 

Include an animated logo in the beginning and at the end of promotional videos. It creates brand awareness, stamping each project as your property. The more you claim your posts, the more professional and productive your company appears. 

Get Started With Your Animated Logo

Mad Mind Studios is a Los Angeles marketing agency that provides logo design and logo animation services. Logo animation is one of the best ways your brand can stand out among competitors. Use the dynamic visual in your eCommerce web design or social media marketing campaigns. 

Schedule a free consultation with our team of professionals at Mad Mind Studios to create a logo animation that speaks for your brand!


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