Who We Are: Our Start


We are a branding design agency that offers creative branding and design in Los Angeles, CA. We offer full service graphic and print design branding solutions to businesses in all sectors. When companies need corporate branding, web development and design services, studio photography, ecommerce solutions, or graphic print designs that they can rely on to take their companies to the next level, we are the preferred design agency in Los Angeles. Our company has built long-term relationships with many influential and successful clients that want phenomenal designs that will lead their businesses into the future. Strong ideas, creative thinking, and dedication go into each brand that we design. See our work to view previous jobs that we have completed. We have a diverse portfolio, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients to our credit.


Philosophy: We believe brands that embrace change, connect with culture and smartly challenge convention will win big. It just takes a belief that things can always be done a little bit better. Smarter. Stronger. Interesting-er. Our changing world requires it, and we revel in the possibilities it presents.


Approach: Mad Mind Studios is both high-concept and hands-on. We make sure every brand has a strong idea at its core. We are champions of strategy, sticklers for detail and advocates for thinking like a customer.


We work in close partnership with our clients. In fact, a great client once said that she chose us over many other firms because we were “the only one that listened”.


Capabilities: We’ve helped launch start-ups, introduce new products, prepare companies for growth, and reposition category leaders for new opportunities. Our work across many disciplines has shaped a holistic approach to brand development.


Creative branding and design in in Los Angeles, and surrounding areas


Is your business struggling because your brand messaging is poor? Are you unsure of how to create a brand that will be memorable and effective? If so then look no further than Mad Mind Studios. Whether you are just starting a new company, or want to build on an existing brand, we have the skills and resources that are needed to create a brand that will get results. Our company has experience in working with both large and small businesses. We will devise a branding strategy that will be customized to meet your needs and budget.


Branding Design Services That We Offer


Logo Design Services
• Catalog/Book Designs
• Brochure and Banner Design and Printing Services
• Stationary, Envelope, Letterhead, and Business Card Printing Solutions
• Powerful Web Development and Design Solutions
• Print Advertising
• Presentation Folder Design


Want to talk to someone about branding and design?


If you are interested in speaking to someone regarding branding, logo design, graphic design or marketing material for your business, or to learn more about web design, please call us today by phone at 310-402-1613 or by email at info@madmindstudios.com to speak to one of our branding and design specialists to get further information.