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What is Content Marketing?

Marketing covers a lot of bases across various sectors and industries. Print marketing is not dead, and digital marketing is skyrocketing. If you work in a certain industry, you can bet that marketing covers it. In a society in which an image can go viral in moments, all around the world, it’s important to note the weight and impact of content marketing.

Define it!

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

What does that mean?

Traditional marketing focuses on sales, while content marketing is oftentimes more educational than promotional. It serves as research for readers, and in turn, creates people who keep coming back for posts, videos, articles, and events.

The right content marketing strategy will increase loyalty in your audience and customers. Quality content will attract a more engaged audience, not only on social media through sharing but also more natural word-of-mouth communication to subscriptions and sales.

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Where is content marketing in my life?

-Clicking on links to read the articles in an email newsletter

-Watching a how-to video on your feed

-Reading lifestyle blogs, career blogs, etc.

-Watching a Youtube video from a brand that explains the news, trends, how-to’s, etc

-Downloading an ebook

-Attending a live webinar

-Reading a recipe from a food label, product website, or supermarket magazine


Why do we need content marketing?

Content marketing brings trust towards a brand and signifies them as an industry leader. This type of strategy also increases traffic to a website through inbound links, social media posts, and even just a mention at the end of a Youtube video. Content marketing also starts creating successes in SEO, or search engine optimization, especially organic searches. Sales talk and promotional materials online will fall back into search engine algorithms, whereas the different keywords and topics will climb to the top of Google results.


Actions from email subscribers, social media followers, and blog readers will start funneling into leads for a business. The correct strategy will also protect a brand reputation in dynamic matters. Consumers who regularly check in with a brand’s content will most likely associate positivity with that brand. So, go ahead and show your expertise!

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