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Wellness and Nutrition Packaging Design for 2023

Health and wellness is a 4.4 trillion dollar industry that makes up 28% of the worldwide wellness market. If you have a wellness and nutrition company, congratulations. But, it doesn’t come without a few challenges. The competition is fierce.

To successfully sell your products, you’ll need to stand out in the static of a noisy background. It’s difficult but not impossible. Read on to find out how innovative packaging design can take you to the next level and leave your competition in the dust.

Why Your Packaging Design Matters

In a recent study, seventy-two percent of all consumers polled agreed that the packaging design of a product influences their buying. From eye-catching visuals to reusable, environmentally friendly packaging, the way your product is designed will make or break it.

To fully understand how packaging design affects your health and nutrition business, you must dabble a little in sales psychology. Some of the most important applications to packaging design in health and nutrition business products include:

Captivate attention. According to the experts, you have eight seconds to grab the attention of a consumer, or you are out of the game. This can be achieved by unique packaging such as vivid bright colors, a highly memorable logo, a photo or illustration that is cute, funny, or otherwise amazing, or one of a number of other ways.

Stir emotions. One glance at the puppy on the front of a pet vitamin bottle or the chubby cheeks on a baby supplement makes the product practically irresistible. If you are selling a health and nutrition item that promotes energy, you might put an image of a runner dashing through the yellow ribbon to first place. Whatever you can do that ignites emotions will help set your product ahead of the rest.

Know your audience. What attracts the consumers you want to be your customers? Are they extremely concerned with being eco-conscious? Are they striving to lose weight or are they into alternative health measures? Whatever it is your target customer finds important is what should be the focus of your packaging design.

Be relevant to your identity. If your brand’s vision is optimal health, you won’t want to have your packaging speak otherwise. In addition, don’t put a cute, fuzzy kitten on your packaging if the picture has nothing to do with your product.

Be consistent. Whatever message you send through the design of your packaging, don’t switch it up. Carry the slogans and tag lines, color pallet, typography choices, and overall tone across your website, social media page, and advertising.

Drive results. “Buy Now!” Your packaging should scream for customers to buy your product.

Many other elements are incorporated into package design that have to do with consumer behavior such as the way the eyes prefer to travel, the emotions colors invoke on the brain, and so much more.

While you are busy with your health and nutrition business, your marketing agency will be buys creating an effective and innovative packaging design for you.

Packaging Trends

Marketing trends are constantly evolving and packaging trends are no exception. Some of the most popular current packing trends are:

  • Bright, bold colors. Eye-catching colored packaging is all the rage from bright solid backgrounds to vivid imagery and typography. Regardless of how you feel about it, bright and bold is sure to get attention.
  • Outside-the-box boxes. The more unique when it comes to packaging, the better. Innovative designs are more in style than ever.
  • Creative fonts. The sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative with fonts. Expert designers can even think of one-of-a-kind ways to make letters and words look like relative images.
  • Clean and simple. Especially when it comes to professional and/or modern toned health and nutrient products, crisp, clean minimalistic designs rule. The use of white space is ultra-important when going clean and simple.
  • Packaging that tells your story. A picture speaks a thousand words so why not put one smack dab on your package? If you are selling weight loss, plaster a thin person on the box. If you’re promoting health, put a fit and trim person’s photo front and center.
  • Secure packaging. Consumers love products where the manufacture or owner took the time to package it in the most secure way possible. If you do so, be sure to bring attention to that fact.
  • Green packaging. Fifty percent of consumers say that green packaging is important to them and 61 percent state they take green packaging into consideration when choosing a product. So, why wouldn’t you highlight the eco-friendliness of your packaging?
  • Humorous illustrations. From comics to funny scenes, a little humor on the box goes a long way. Consumers are human. We all love a good laugh.
  • Vintage packaging. Going back to a simpler day and time is good for the soul. Set the scene to sell your natural health product or whatever you sell that might be connected to a vintage theme.
  • Clearly transparent. Consumers love to see what they’re getting and also appreciate the fact that packaging without the use of dyes is better for the environment that those that have it.
  • Use of QR codes. QR codes are helpful to have on packaging. Consumers like the convenience and when properly done, they look just fine.

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have the time, skill, or knowledge to do your own packaging design work. Some things are best left up to the experts and this area is definitely one of them.

Design Packaging Los Angeles

It’s always optimal to have a packaging designer in your geographic location so you can visit the agency if need be. If you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the professional service of Mad Mind Studios where a talented team of experts will apply their knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the best wellness and nutrition company packaging design ever.

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