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Landing Page Design

Effective Custom Landing Pages

Landing Page that Convert Visitors into Customers

The importance of a Landing Page design depends on its ability to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Mad Mind Studios specializes in designing gripping Landing Page designs assuring a higher conversion rate.

Static Custom Landing Page

A static landing page design is a single page that presents the product, service, or relevant information to the visitor. This page is the page that the client will land on upon clicking on your website and is connected to the other pages of your website in more than one area. Having landing pages is most effective in email marketing campaigns because html emails direct visitors to landing pages creating higher conversions to sale, yet they are connected to other parts of the site as well to encourage the visitor to stay on your website longer. Mad Mind Studios offers affordable custom single html landing page services.

Call to Action Custom Landing Page

A “call to action” landing page design is made to persuade visitors to buy the product or click through links on the landing page that has been created. Landing pages are built in a way where they offer more graphics in order to engage the visitor and impress them to fill out forms, read valuable information, and convert the visitor into a customer. This type of landing page is mostly effective for email marketing purposes that businesses and companies send.

How To Improve Conversions Via A Landing Page

Mad Mind Studios installs every custom landing page design with google analytics to track visitor information. This information will helps me to monitor improvements and observed the increase in traffic stats and conversion rates. Mad Mind Studios creates simple, understandable, straight forward and tested to get optimal results landing pages.

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Our Landing page design services are:

  • Focused on key message
  • Visually Appealing
  • Ensuring well User Experience
  • Using Clear headlines
  • Making the Message Compelling and Convincing

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