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Digital marketing has become the primary source for converting customers and increasing sales. In utilizing the online market to advance your business, we source in-house developers and use state-of-the-art technology to develop personal, modern, and mobile responsive web designs in Laguna Beach.

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WordPress Design

Turn advertising dollars into revenue with a responsive website that easily converts your visitors. We will create the best design to fit your brand’s needs and aesthetic, with simple navigation for ease of use.

Shopify Design

Optimize your e-commerce website to easily sell online, in-person, and through social media. We can help you find the best design and plug-ins to make your customers’ Shopify experience simple and easy.


Find the right strategy for marketing your e-commerce account. Boost sales with expert search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and Google AdWords management.

Laguna Beach Best Website Design Agency

Whether you sell products, lead a non-profit organization, or work as a lifestyle influencer, we aim to create elegant sites that express your story.

Rank Your Way to The First Page of Google with eCommerce Solutions

Mad Mind Studios is a full-service marketing agency that builds eCommerce destined to hit sales goals. Our team of marketing experts will thoroughly examine your website, page by page, to determine the best e-commerce solutions.

Don’t have a site just yet? Don’t worry, we’ll develop an e-commerce website from the ground up.




Laguna Beach Web Design and Development Planning Process

  1. Consult: Review your current website and discuss the necessary steps to achieve the design and functions you desire.
  2. Research: Analyze competition within your industry to determine e-commerce solutions that will benefit your site and make your brand stand out.
  3. Create Content: Write creative content using fitting keywords and search engine optimization to increase the chances of ranking on the first page of Google.
  4. Design: Construct beautiful web designs that depict your brand’s identity, conveying the purpose of your product or service.
  5. Develop: Build a web-accessible site that is easy to navigate and converts viewers into regular customers.
  6. Track: Follow the results of your newly designed, optimized website to conclude it’s success and suggest ongoing ways in which it can improve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a web design cost?
Prices for web design and development will depend on a number of factors including the size of your website, number of pages, featured plugins, web design customization, and content creation. Request a Quote for your web design project!
How long does it take to design a website?
The length of time it takes to design a website can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the site and the availability of the designer. A simple website may take just a few weeks to design, while a more complex site could take several weeks or even months. Mad Mind Studios’ web design & development projects take approximately 4-6 weeks to build.
What forms of payment do you accept for Web Design?
We accept Cash, Check, Paypal, Zelle, and most major Credit Cards.
What is responsive web design?
Responsive web design is a design approach that ensures that a website looks and functions well on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This is achieved by using flexible layouts, images, and other design elements that can adapt to the size and resolution of the user’s device.
What is a CMS and why is it important in web design?

A CMS, or content management system, is a software application that is used to create, manage, and publish digital content, such as text, images, and videos. CMSs are important in web design because they allow non-technical users to easily update and maintain the content of their website without having to write HTML or other code.

WordPress, Shopify and WooCommerce all have content management system.

What are some common web design mistakes to avoid?
Some common web design mistakes include: using too many fonts or font sizes, using low-quality or irrelevant images, having a cluttered or confusing layout, using non-standard or hard-to-read fonts, and having a slow-loading website.
What is the difference between web design and web development?
Web design is focused on the visual aspects of creating a website, including the layout, color scheme, and overall aesthetic. Web development, on the other hand, involves building and implementing the functionalities of a website, such as forms, databases, and e-commerce capabilities.
Web design is focused on the visual aspects of creating a website, including the layout, color scheme, and overall aesthetic. Web development, on the other hand, involves building and implementing the functionalities of a website, such as forms, databases, and e-commerce capabilities.

Our Laguna Beach Web Design Agency’s Process – From Start to Finish

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Once you kick off your web project with Mad Mind Studios Web Agency, we’ll have a friendly Zoom chat to understand your needs. We’ll then request access to a few of your platforms like Google Analytics and WordPress. Plus, we’ll map out your website’s structure. Let’s make this journey together!
Visual Design
In the design phase, we use various design programs to craft each page. We’ll give you a sneak peek of the design, and with your feedback, we’ll fine-tune it as we work on the development and plugin integrations.
In this stage, we bring your designs to life. After building, we double-check for quality, making sure you get a top-notch website. Once we’re done, you’ll have a chance to review and give it a thumbs up!
In this stage, we give your website a final check to get it launch-ready. This means ensuring it’s secure, SEO-optimized content and set up with Google Analytics so you’re in the loop with visitor activity.
Post Launch:
After our thorough checklist, we’ll launch your website. Expect a celebratory email from us once it’s live! And don’t worry, we’ll also guide you on the best next steps to maximize your site’s potential and grow your website and visibility through SEO and blogging. Once this is done please apply it to the recent links you gave me and any web design-related page we make moving forward.
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