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A professionally designed logo is usually created in Adobe Illustrator which is a Vector based design program…a design program that most professional designers use. At Mad Mind Studios, we design all our logos in Vector format, so they can be used in any media and converted to whatever file type you require. Why is this important?

In order to understand why logos benefit from vector formats, it is necessary to explain what vectors are. Vector graphics use basic shapes, such as curves, lines, points and polygons to create images for use in computer graphics. Because each point has a defined ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis they can translate better to produce a sharper image that will not degenerate when viewed in magnification mode.


You are probably aware of how a bitmap often looks distorted and pixelated when the size is changed for use on different media.  As part of our logo repair and design services here at Mad Mind Studios, we create a vector version of your logo that allows you to scale the design to fit any form of a media – from a bottle cap to a billboard – without losing any of the quality of the graphics.  Your brand can then be represented in a better light with high-quality graphics, which also makes it harder to copy.


Many logos contain some typography. Therefore, it is vital that the fonts and wording translate perfectly without loss of quality when designing your logo for use on various media formats or locations.  We take the logo and outline the font so that it can be translated into vector formats for easy manipulation in other media.  The same applies to color accuracy. You will want the colors of your logo to transfer to any other medium without loss of quality or brightness. If you want sky blue or bottle green on a logo you want those same colors to look like sky blue and bottle green no matter when they are displayed.  For this, we use spot color reproduction to keep color consistency.

The result is a logo that will stand the test of time, and won’t have to be re-designed each time you take out a different advertising campaign or sign up for a new web service. Vectors are the wave of the future in logo design, so don’t settle for anything less.

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