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Useful Tools to Improve Your Social Media

Social media can be exciting, but it can also be a lot to manage. If your social media crew is a few strong soldiers or just well- you, rest assured there are many social media management tools to enhance strategy and content.

Here at Mad Mind Studios, we love using Hootsuite, as well as Google Analytics for a more in-depth data analysis of our actions. In fact, for our social media clients, we exclusively use these in addition to Facebook advertising tools.  For our coffee client, Kickback Coldbrew, we organize all of our content through Sprout Social and monitor reports through Google Analytics as well.



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Hootsuite is a software that allows users to manage all social media accounts from one place. Nice, right? There’s a free plan, as well as paid plans. From scheduling content to seeing followers engagement through mentions and responses, this platform can do it all. It also has an analytics section built into its interface, so you can view how your posts are being received by followers and if they’re creating any changes in subscriptions, audience, or sales.

Sprout Social

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Sprout Social is special because it lets you schedule posts, monitor posts, with push notifications. This handy dandy tool lets social media marketers easily create scheduled content, but also see inboxes, new followers, and various feeds.  

Google Analytics

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The king of search is here. Data does matter in social media management, as Google Analytics tracks social media posts that drive visitors to visit site traffic. It is the most comprehensive platform to accurately track traffic from social media and conversions through clear graphics and information.




Let’s say you have a small team that works on marketing in your organization or company. Things pile up, become disorganized and suddenly, you’re off-schedule with your strategy. CoSchedule allows you to collaborate with your marketing and social media team to create an effective content calendar.

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Get started on your social media management

We work with big and small companies to improve their social media strategy, according to their budget and goals. Mad Mind Studios wants to see your business grow, so we offer free consultations to get you started. Contact us today at info@omidm1.sg-host.com.

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