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Why You Should Use PPC Marketing

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, having their website ranked at the top of the search list on Google is one the most important thing they want to achieve. Ranking on the top means that their business will have better exposure to the target market, thus bringing more business opportunities and ultimately, more profit. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way to achieve this goal, it requires expertise in the field, which is a big obstacle for small business or startup owners. In addition, maximizing SEO is a long-term goal for most of our clients, so entrepreneurs with a knack for instant gratification may not be satisfied with optimizing content on their websites. However, there is a quicker way to drive traffic to your website under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

What is PPC

PPC means you will only pay when someone click your ads. It can easily help you with managing budget and adjusting marketing strategies. Search engine advertising is the most common approach of PPC marketing. It allows users to place a bid on the keyword they are using, as well as the advertisement placement they prefer, so when someone searches on a keyword that matches or related to their offerings, their website links will appear on the desired position on the search result page based on their bids.

Why You Should Use PPC

There are numerous reasons for using PPC marketing.
1. First, it will boost your exposure on the website’s search result page, and it is vital for new business with little or no visibility before. By setting up the bid, you can managed to put your website on the top of the most popular search engines like Google, and that will provide you with immediate traffic. And if your budget is enough and you hired an experienced marketing firm to help you, then the traffic will be consistent.

PPC will boost your exposure

2. Second, by using PPC, the traffic that are coming through your website is the target traffic that you would love to have. Because the keyword you are bidding with is also the keywords that your prospective customers will type in the search engines, in this way, you are exposing your business to the highest quality of visitors and you will know you spent your money in the right place.

3. Third, Google AdWords compiles your data in an easy-to-use interface that allows your team to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. With PPC, you can easily build up a campaign and test it to see whether it is successful or not. If you aren’t satisfied with your campaign’s performance, you can make changes to it at anytime until you are satisfied with the results. With PPC, you are in total control of your spending and budget, and if you are working with a marketing firm, communicate to them your budgeting goals for the campaign so you can evaluate their effectiveness as well.

4. Finally, PPC allows you to customize your ads, from location to people to time. You can choose which parts of the world will see your ads, which is especially useful for local business. Furthermore, you can choose locations you don’t want your ads to be shown since you don’t have business there and certainly don’t want to waste your money in areas that aren’t in your target market. You can also choose who are your target customers, like age, gender, and other interests that Google is able to compile. Finally, you can choose to show your ads on the exact hours of your operation. All of these help make your investment in PPC more efficient.

PPC allows you to customize your ads

All in all, what PPC marketing gives you is the ultimate control over your ads, the message you want to send out and the people you want to reach. Starting a PPC marketing campaign can be daunting to businesses that haven’t tried it yet. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about PPC marketing, and our professional team will guide you through the way!

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