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The Top 4 Social Media Trends Right Now

Staying on top of the best social media trends is important for staying relevant to your audience and keeping up with the market. Learn how you can improve your social strategy and #GetTrending.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories have been a great addition to the features over on the popular social network. Instagram story views surpassed Snapchat story views last year. Now businesses can even add links to stories, directing followers to a website, store page, YouTube videos and more. The best part of using Instagram for your business is the trackable metrics that provide great insight into your audience’s habits and interests.

Messaging is on the rise

More consumers are using direct messaging to reach out to their favorite brands for questions, support, and information. More and more brands are expected to be accessible anytime, including on social media platforms. As a business, monitoring your Instagram direct messages is crucial for staying connected to customers and building loyalty and trust. If you have a small business it can be hard to keep up with messages, but providing a response within 24 hours shows your customers that you care.

Mobile ads for Facebook and Instagram

Instagram is meant to be a mobile application of course, but Facebook use on phones rather than desktop has gone up significantly. Mobile advertisements provide a great opportunity to reach your audience because everyone has a smartphone they use to scroll social channels all day. Use Facebook or Instagram ads to directly target specific groups of people – by age, interests, location and more.

Influencer marketing

Celebrities endorsing weight loss teas and makeup products is one of the biggest social media trends that makes up a lot of influencer posts showcased on Instagram. However, there is a growing number of micro-influencers that are potentially even more effective at reaching a niche audience for your brand (and without spending $200,000 for one photo). Micro-influencers have around 10k or less followers and are trusted by their followings for being more authentic and honest. Reaching out to a compatible influencer to collaborate could result in a great return for little investment.

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