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Top 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Your eCommerce Website

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Ecommerce businesses are leading the retail industry. Consumers have access to a variety of services and products throughout the world. In just a click of a button, items are purchased and already in the delivery route. 

With the market being so high for internet shopping, businesses must have it’s effective eCommerce web designs created using strategic marketing techniques. If you’re currently hosting an online website or in the process of creating one, here’s Mad Mind Studios, e-commerce marketing agency, list of Dos and Don’ts to follow. These tips are useful in running a successful e-commerce business that sticks around for some time.


1. Think views are by coincidence 

A misconception about creating an excellent looking eCommerce website is that viewers will automatically feel inclined to purchase due to the web designs. Over time those viewers will spread the word, share the site throughout the internet, and BOOM! You’re an online success. 

We believe it’s pretty fair to disagree. In actuality, eCommerce marketing is what grows your online business. Google ads, SEO, and backlinks are just a few of the sources that will help people land on one of your webpages. It’s all about eCommerce advertising and 

Ecommerce marketing when it comes to targeting your audience. 

2. Do everything yourself 

There are many online programs offering self-service to eCommerce web design. However, creating an eCommerce website that produces results requires a thorough understanding of marketing through graphics and content. 

Instead of trying to piece together anything that looks good, contact an eCommerce marketing agency that understands Shopify web design, search engine optimization, eCommerce advertising, and sales. If you don’t have a team, a marketing agency can be that initial support to help you reel in consumers and keep them coming back. Doing everything yourself is the quickest way to wear yourself down and give up on your goals!

3. Not explain your product, company, or service on the homepage. 

A common mistake we see of an eCommerce web design is the development of the homepage. Many eCommerce businesses get so caught in creating appealing visuals they forget to mention the services, products, or purpose of the company. It serves no purpose to have an eCommerce web design packed with graphics that do not illustrate the reasoning of the site. 

An excellent eCommerce web design not only showcases unique designs to grab the attention of viewers, but it correctly displays the concept of the business to turn those viewers into consumers. 

4. Create too many pages, overly designed with overwritten content 

Contrary to the belief you should be extremely informative on your website, there is such a thing as “doing too much.” Too many web pages, overly designed and filled with articles of text, can urge a consumer to exit your eCommerce website swiftly. Simple and to the point will win over far more customers than multiple pages slowing down the uploading process due to extreme eCommerce web designs. 

5. Ignore customer service 

Although you are not coming face to face with your consumers, customer service remains number one when making sales. Through design and text, consumers should feel you are catering to their every need. Your page should have directions leading customers to checkout, as well as guidelines that help them find answers to their questions. A FAQ page and Contact page are essential elements to include in your eCommerce web design. Let your customers know that even without direct contact, you are always there to assist. 

6. Develop a website that doesn’t reflect your brand

The best eCommerce web designs are those that reflect that of the products or services being offered. If your site is filled with comic animation and your eCommerce business sells office supplies, you may lose a considerable amount of credibility. It’s best to consult with a logo and branding agency to develop a website that properly showcases your eCommerce business in the best, most favorable light. 

7. Have a complicated checkout process 

The reason for creating an eCommerce website is to make it easily accessible for someone to purchase your product or service. Web development with improper e-commerce marketing techniques makes it hard to close deals. 

Team up with a strategic eCommerce marketing agency and develop a simple payment process on your eCommerce website. It’ll help consumers easily maneuver throughout your checkout page, influencing them to make future investments. 

Ecommerce marketing company near you! 


1. Use a sales platform 

Simplify your customers’ shopping experience by using a platform such as Shopify or Woocommerce. You can set up a payment processing design that best suits your company and clientele. The easier it is for consumers to purchase products, the more likely they will continue to shop on your eCommerce website. 

2. Upsell

Don’t miss great opportunities to rack up on sales. Promote one more additional service and product before a consumer officially checks out. If they are already on their way to completing a transaction, chances are they won’t mind viewing another product they might have looked over, especially if it comes with a one-time-only offer. 

3. Set up an email list 

Persistence always wins the race. Please continue to show your customers their contributions are valued through emails regarding sales, news, and more. The constant news feed within their inbox reminds them that your e-commerce business is still around, steadily keeping your company on their minds. 

Set up an email subscription box when creating your eCommerce web design to stay connected with internet users. A third party platform, such as MailChimp, can help you manage those emails. 

4. Use modern, relatable designs. 

The trick to retaining a successful website is to keep your eCommerce web design up to date. Creative designs that use modern graphics, animated graphics, and readable text, exhibit your e-commerce website as credible. Outdated web designs tend to encourage onlookers to believe your site is sketchy and carries spam. 

Upgrade your web design today with Mad Mind Studios, eCommerce marketing Los Angeles. 

5. Use search engine optimization.

SEO is one of the most efficient marketing techniques used to bring visibility to your e-commerce website. Website optimization allows you to reach your target audience by creating content tailored to what those people are searching for; establishing an e-commerce web design based on the needs of your clientele. 

Check out our blogs to learn more about SEO and how to get on the first pages of a Google search.

6. Use Google advertising 

Speaking of Google, have you tried Google ads for increasing website visibility? Most people use Google’s search engine to find products as well as answers to random questions. Google is great for eCommerce marketing, being that you can advertise directly on the platform, making it easy for consumers to “magically” find you. 

Be sure to live up to the consumer’s needs with an effective eCommerce web design. The opportunity to stumble on your eCommerce website due to Google ads, along with having an easy navigating Shopify web design, is the quickest way to lead consumers to a sale. 

7. Web-accessible 

It’s 2020! There’s no reason for your eCommerce web design not to be inclusive of all, including those struggling with physical disabilities. It’s imperative to create a Shopify web design that has web accessible features. Not only will a web-accessible website bring in more consumers through its inclusive features, but it will help your business grow respect from outsiders, turning first-time viewers into long term customers. 

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Not familiar with web accessibility features? Mad Mind Studios eCommerce marketing company carries a team of in-house developers who can help design creative web-accessible, websites. Reach out to our eCommerce marketing agency and Shopify experts today! 

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