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Top 6 Logo Design Trends for 2016

Designing an organization’s logo is both a science and an art, and its trends have greatly changed as business and consumer preferences dynamically evolve. Whether you’re a professional logo designer wanting to gain more logo design ideas or a business person preparing for your new business startup, these logo design trends for 2016 will surely give you an idea on your next logo design approach.


1: Flat

Flat designs never go out of style. This is not only because they appear straightforward and neat, they also register well on all browsing devices, particularly because of SVG. They load way faster than other designs as well. Simplifying logo designs will ultimately enable companies to become more identifiable and iconic.


2: Handmade

Handmade designs depict a sense of intimacy and engage the audience on a more personal level. For the past few years, this trend has gained growing popularity. These kinds of designs do not exactly look digital, yet they don’t appear apparently manual as well. They simply appear charming and friendly to the eye. It’s noteworthy to mention that typography is no longer viewed as a text style. It’s more than just spelling something out. It is now a remarkable factor of conveying a brand’s personality.


3: Kinetic Logos

Kinetic or dynamic logos also remain appealing for this generation. This is probably because its entirety exudes freshness. It has become a significant way to break information down as well. It communicates “byte-sized” pieces of information in a simple yet notable kind of way. Just look at how Google Doodles fascinate the global audience. This kind of logo design trend consistently presents something that is generally viewed to be fresh and natural.


4: Negative Space

This is the kind of design which literally speaks its advocacy. Consumers still welcome this type of logo as it has the ability to pick up a deeper message that the audience finds utterly special. This minimalistic approach often works well for non-profits because it portrays a sense of simplicity.


5: Letterstacking

Yes, this is still on the move. This design challenges consumers to make sense out of it. People always have the tendency to break things down and find means to rearrange them better. On top of that, this also gives designers a unique solution to present long texts in visual bytes. Through this approach, long messages can be easily and creatively broken down in a shorter and readable fashion.


6: MonoLines

This design still holds popularity because of its fresh, clean look. It uses lines with uniform thickness to compose logos that resemble “wires”. At first glance, it might oppose “simplification” because of its rather intricate structure, but when people start to take a deeper look, they’ll end up appreciative of its clean and clear message.

These are the top logo design trends for 2016. As the companies grow, as their interests expand, as their values and personality evolve, so must their logo. After all, that’s what logos are for. They’re created to convey a brand’s values in a visual sense. They also add a special touch of excitement and freshness that can make a company even more recognizable.

Want to add to our list: “Top 6 Logo Design Trends for 2016”? Let us know what is trending?

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