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Top 5 Trends in Product Packaging Design for 2022

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Those who sell products know firsthand how important it is to have an excellent product packaging design. From catching the eye of your customer in just a blink to convincing them to buy it, your packaging is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing you’ll encounter so if you’re embarking into product sales, you’ll want to make sure yours it top-notch.

Here are 5 trends to follow that can help you make the best choices when deciding on your product packaging design.

It All Starts with a Stellar Branding Design

Branding is gracing your product with its own personality and giving it the details that help it come alive. A lot goes into a branding design, or it should.

The name of the product should be in keeping with the overall feel of it. A catchy or comical name gives a light feel while a more formal name might be used if the product is serious such one that will be used medicinally. Naming the product is like naming a child so take all the time needed to come up with a great one and don’t forget you can use naming companies to help you out.

Professional designers give ample thought to everything that goes into creating a logo. The color pallet, size and type of font, and the image or graphics work together to create an identity for the product. For instance, a natural cleaning product might be best in colors such as deep green and dark blue or jade green and black because green is significant of nature and cleanliness. Blue is another color that is great for symbolizing a product that is to be recognized for cleaning or being clean.

Past the logo, other identification comes into play. What is the story behind the product? Is it designed to be fun, like a toy or game? If so, the branding design of the product will need to be easily recognized as being fun and enjoyable.

What is Product Packaging Design?

Product packaging design is the creation of the outside of a product. It includes the material it is contained in – like cardboard or plastic. It also entails the form the product comes in such as an energy drink is a liquid comes that in a cylinder can whereas a toy may be packaged inside a formed plastic or Styrofoam fitting that encases it within a cardboard box.

Also included in the product packaging design is the branding design. The logo, any graphics, the colors on the packaging, and other details all work together to create a certain look and feel about the product.

The label is another big influencer of your packaging scheme. Labels are often used on drinks, candy bars, and other smaller items in place of the large area that is seen on the packaging of larger products. Labels include the logo generally and also written content telling a short version of what the product is and possibly the ingredients too.

Now Trending…

Packaging trends tell us a lot about what consumers are thinking and how they are reacting to other product packaging designs. The most popular five current trends are:

  1. Creative fonts. Fonts are underestimated. You may not realize how huge of a role they play but if you pay careful attention to the presentation of your product using totally different fonts, you’ll see. Creative fonts take the influence even further. From making a simple smiley face out of one of the letters of your name to adding innovative fonts that were custom designed for your product, creative fonts are trending in no uncertain terms.
  2. Colorful and loud. Enough with boring product packaging! Consumers are screaming for bright colors and graphics that fly off the page. You’ll want to use great care in creating colorful and loud packaging though because if the design isn’t good, you sure don’t want to broadcast it in dayglow colors.
  3. Transparent packaging. Consumers appreciate honesty and feel like there’s not much to hide when you display your wares in see-through packaging. Another way to be transparent is to list all of the ingredients in your product on the label without trying to hide any ingredient that might be harmful to pets or people. Simply state it. You’ll soon see that your honesty works on your behalf.
  4. With the passing of the pandemic has come a new appreciation for humor. Funny logos, clever wording, silly images, whatever it takes…do it as long as it represents your brand in a relative way. Lightheartedness is in so go for it!
  5. QR codes are “in”. Who ever thought QR codes would be the going thing in packaging of products? Well, they are. Their popularity stems from all the creative incentives products offer with them. Scan the QR and get a discount. Scan the QR to find out more about the product. If you do incorporate a QR code into your trendy packaging, be sure to come up with some cool things to do with it too.

It’s a Wrap: Packaging Design in Motion

People do judge products by their cover and always will. Having a creative, well-thought-out product packaging design is one of the most constructive ways to market your product right on the shelf.

Product Packaging Designers

There are many things that you can do yourself when it comes to creating, managing, and marketing your product. Product packaging design is not one of them. You need an expert with experience to craft the best design so your product shines.

If you are looking for a product packaging designer, Mad Mind Studios is one of the best. Located in Los Angeles, the creative team knows the top product packaging trends and can choose the one that would work best for your product. We’ve successfully designed packaging for some very well-known customers and we are happy to design for yours too. Reach out today and find out what we can do for you.

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