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Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch Out in 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your website design determines a lot about your organization. Be it small or big, if you want your customers to trust you, the very first thing that they will form an impression of is your website. First impressions last and it is necessary to have a proper and engaging web design that will make people want to explore your website. Nearly 95% of visitors make their choices about a business after seeing the website. Also, a good web design is always a key to improve your website traffic that can eventually boost your sales.

Here are some amazing web design trends for 2021 that you can consider to ace the digital space.

Playful Cursors

The first of the trends in website design is playful cursors. Cursors are the first point of interaction that a visitor has with the website. Why not make it interesting? This gives a new and interesting experience as the visitor scrolls through the pages. It can be as simple as changing the default arrow to as complex as having moving animations with them.

Haus for example has a very interesting and interactive website design right on their home page. Check out their cursor and the fluid art on the side.

Creative Testimonials

Another aspect that many visitors consider while visiting a website is the testimonials section. They are curious to know what other people have to say about your business. That’s why listing your business in Google My Business and getting reviews and ratings on Google is considered a great SEO strategy as well. Improvise your testimonials section with moving images or colors or anything that is beyond the routine.

This is sure to kindle your visitor’s curiosity. Mad Mind Studios Web Design for example has a simple yet effective and creative testimonials section that unlike regular website designs is not static. Mad Mind Studios Web Design is a website design agency in Los Angeles that also works on small business website designs and real estate websites.

Retro Fonts

Fonts matter when it comes to website design. Fonts are used to break the monotony in a website design. If you have a constant font not differentiating even between titles and the regular text, it can put off the interest in going through the website. Font differentiation or using retro fonts is a great way to enhance the user experience. Goliath-Entertainment for example, has a very creative font design that is not only colorful but also very interactive.

Parallax Animation

Who wouldn’t love animations especially when they are interesting and interactive? Website designs are incorporating animation in banners and other elements on their web pages. It can be as big as an elephant walking towards the screen or as small as a glass tinkling with a sound. Parallax animation refers to when the objects on the screen and closer to the viewer create an optical illusion. It brings a whole new perspective for the user in understanding what the website is all about. Delassus Group for example has an amazing parallax animation on their website.

Augmented Reality

With technology taking over everywhere, AR and VR are making their way to website designs. Users need more interactive designs and AR and VR can do that just like how parallax animation can change the whole ball game. As per Reydar, two-thirds of shoppers think AR would help them make better buying decisions. AR is transforming the way users experience either shopping in real-time or viewing something away from the regular angle. AR compatible with mobile web designs is seeing an amazing response.

Full-Page Headers

Gone are the days when it creates unique interest in users while seeing a page that has banners and sections. It is the age of minimalism and millennials like it that way. As per UX, a user’s attention is first thrown on the top left of a page. Having a full page header with appropriate CTAs on the left is considered the best way to keep users glued to the page and explore more. Here’s a simple yet good example for it.

White Space

While this an old concept, it is seeing great importance in website designs these days. White space is necessary to keep a website design clean and easy to read. While navigation makes all the difference, if the design of the website is cluttered with too many elements, it can hinder the user experience concept.

White space is the distance between one element to the other on the website. If the elements are too close then it can strain the viewer’s eyes while exploring your page. Mad Mind Studios Web Design has balanced whitespace in their ‘our team’ page that is a great example. It is a website design company in Los Angeles that offers website designs for small businesses and real estate websites. It is also one among the top website design agencies in Los Angeles.


Art is everywhere and incorporating them in your website design is going to be the most rewarding aspect of the design itself. Custom illustrations make your pages unique and makes it stand apart from that of the others. The modern web design is seeing the boom for this element of website design.

Now say goodbye to stick images and welcome something new and creative. Illustrations that stand out have special appeal to users and they are more likely to explore your website for more. Here’s an amazing example from pitch-tents that have a very impressive custom illustration right on their homepage.


Herd of this term before? Does it sound familiar, well this is what is happening in website design in 2021. Scrollytelling tells the user or the visitor of the website, the entire story of the brand in an innovative manner. This involves using graphs, texts, videos, animations and other captivating visuals.

When broken down, the words spell as ‘scrolling’ and ‘storytelling’ which literally means someone is able to understand the entire idea of the website by just scrolling through it. This trend is majorly becoming popular for the amount if creativity it unleashes. The below mentioned is a great example of how you can incorporate scrollytelling. This concept is so unique that a user can easily understand what the website is all about without even putting much efforts in navigation.

Color Trends in 2021

Colors play a major role in capturing someone’s attention. Color pallets create a unique style for websites that follow it. Every year certain colors are named as color of the year and many brands try and incorporate those in their website design. As per WGSN, the trends forecastinc company, the color for 2021 is A.I.Aqua.

While it was blue in 2019 and mint in 2020, these colors are sure to bring impact in how a user sees the websites. While the trend os using gradient backdrops is still going to continue, there are so many other aspects too that come under design element that determines the versatility of a b. No matter what the trend is, color psychology will always be the basic website design trend that any design individual or agency will use.

Pantone too agreed with the color of the year 2021. Are you going to explore it?

Trends are dynamic. What is in trend today may not be there the next year. It changes with the change in perception of people. It is necessary to understand users’ emotions and perception to things. Brands transform websites to reduce the bounce rate of their brand pages. What is your favorite website design trend for 2021? Let us know in the comments section below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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