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Tips To Maximize Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year to generate revenue for many ecommerce businesses. Marketing must be done weeks (and for some businesses even months) before Cyber Monday in order to be competitive in the industry.

Black Friday is typically the popular day for many people to go into major retailers’ stores and buy big items for holiday gift-giving or for themselves. However, over the past few years (partly thanks to Amazon and the ecommerce boom), Cyber Monday is getting close to rivaling the purchases in-store on Black Friday.

Many marketers and business owners of ecommerce companies are now constantly finding ways to get their sales out to their target audience. Social media marketing is important during this time and so is advertising on the right platforms. Here are four tips for your business in developing a Cyber Monday strategy to boost ecommerce sales:

Start Marketing Campaign Early

The sooner you start your marketing campaign, the better for your Cyber Monday sales. Ultimately, there are a variety of options and websites people can go to on Cyber Monday, so you need to convince your target consumer to visit yours and commit money to your products sooner than later.

Setting a framework for how you’ll market your products is important to making a winning Cyber Monday strategy. Your marketing strategy should be all-encompassing and be dynamic to adjust to changing market conditions and your competitors as time goes on. Budgeting is important in the beginning as well for your advertising; you always want to save advertising dollars closer to the sale to spend much more.

The goal of starting your marketing campaign early is so you get your product in front of your target audience at a cheaper cost than later on when your competitors are for sure to be advertising as well.

Engage With Your Social Media Followers

This is important for many brands that use social media marketing as a primary sales tool for their business. Your marketing team needs to engage followers with rich content and posts to keep their interest. Of course, we don’t recommend spamming them with Cyber Monday announcements but tease it with many of the posts.

Facebook and Instagram advertising at an early stage is imperative for many businesses to gauge interest from their followers so as to refine audience targeting closer to Cyber Monday. As previously mentioned, managing your spending budget is important to ensure that you have enough dollars to support your campaign during the weekend before and day of Cyber Monday.

Utilize Cyber Monday Marketing Newsletters

The value of a good newsletter is for sales is very measurable since applications like MailChimp provide analytics along with their platform. We highly recommend using these services months before Cyber Monday to ensure that you are comfortable with the platform and can set reasonable expectations and goals for your newsletter campaigns.

If your team isn’t comfortable using the platform and hasn’t had any success with newsletters in the past, contact a marketing and design agency that specializes in newsletter creation. Every piece of content can be important when using your newsletter to gain sales on Cyber Monday. Experiment early on to find your niche and establish A/B tests to have the best newsletter ready for Cyber Monday.

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