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The Rise of Animated Logos and Why You Should Consider One for Your Brand

Animated logos have been rapidly gaining a foothold in the marketing world recently. What started as a trend for larger companies – like Linkedin, Netflix, Google, and Discord – has now spread to smaller brands too. And why wouldn’t it? The concept is nothing short of genius.

Think about it. A logo is designed to create a lasting image in the mind of your customer that they remember long after they’ve laid eyes on it. Successfully pulling that off can be tricky. Statistics show that adding color to a logo strengthens brand recognition by up to 80% so you can just imagine how effective adding animation to the logo would be.

What is an Animated Logo?

An animated logo is basically a logo that moves – also called motion graphics. Essentially, a static logo is broken into parts that are designed to bounce, jump, fade in and out, or have most any other type of desired action. Technically speaking, the logo morphs into a stylized version of itself. As with all animations, it’s the process of creating the illusion of movement brought about by a series of picture frames.

There are a myriad of types of logo animations. Some are simple GIFs with moving logos which you can also find on Giphy. . Then there are the more complex versions where the movement actually tells a story. It might be a flower that sprouts up or a cartoon face that laughs Whatever the motion is, it is relative to the brand’s identity and it tells more about what the company is all about – communicating or advertising a service, product, or idea.

There is no set time that the animation in a logo lasts. Most are quite short though – about one to two seconds long. More complicated ones may go for a minute or two.

The most commonly used animation styles are 2D and 3D. Changes are made in color fill, scale, and rotation to bring about the special effects. Some animated logos are more dynamic, utilizing amplified 3D and the advanced cinematic touches of 4D.

You’ll have many choices when it comes to motion logos. Incorporating expert advice is always a good idea but you can certainly have input to ensure the outcome is absolutely amazing.

How Logo Animation Works

Animating a logo is only complicated for those who are not familiar with motion graphics. A professional can product an animated logo with ease while adding plenty of personality in the mix.

Software and programs are available that assist beginners in creating animated logos on their own. But, if you aren’t skilled in animation, you may want to consider hiring an expert to handle the job. While nothing is more effective in logo design than an amazing animated logo, a ill-crafted one will speak poorly of your brand.

Innovative animated logos spark your audiences’ imagination. Investing in the talents of a professional to do the job is money well spent.

When is Animation Used on a Logo Design?

You may be wondering when exactly a motion logo would be used. You wouldn’t be able to put one on a company t-shirt or on business cards. There are many times you can use animated logos however.

Social media marketing is huge. It is on those platforms you are likely to encounter a good bit of your advertising. Keeping in mind that you only have seconds to capture the attention of a viewer, an animated logo makes great sense. Once their attention is captured, they tend to stay engaged because animation draws viewers in.

You can also display your animated logo on emails. While emails are often dismissed as junk, one with an motion graphic logo tends to take a higher priority. There’s an element of being on a higher level that comes with animating your logo and having one within your emails will help you be taken more seriously. After all, it is apparent you went to some time and trouble to have the work created and that speaks volumes.

Your brand’s website is another prime place to post your logo animation. A viewer who is intending just to click on for a minute is more likely to be drawn in to engage on a site that has animation.

Even your ads can proudly display your moving logo. You can creatively craft animation into telling your customers more about a product or service. You can also use your animation to entertain.

Using animated logos in an executive video presentation or pitch deck is a wise choice because the more you put into your branding, the more you’ll get out of it.

Sure, there are times an animated logo won’t work or wouldn’t be appropriate. You can always use a standard, non-animated version of your logo for those purposes. Having a motion logo where it will work, however, is one of the best actions you can take for leveling up your brand.

Benefits of Using Logo Animation

One of the most effective moves when you brand your business is to stay a step ahead. We all know the consequences of falling behind like when Kodak, a former giant in the photo industry, ignored the digital revolution. They were left in the dust. Aside from simply avoiding the downside to not keeping up, there are big benefits that await those who are forerunners when new technology knocks.

Taking advantage of an animated logo is a clever strategy for many reasons including:

  • Projects your brand as being a cut above
  • Towers over your competition
  • Strengthens brand identity
  • Captures customer attention
  • Engages viewers.
  • Becomes etched in a viewer’s mind
  • Aesthetically pleasing and fun to watch
  • Makes your brand stand out
  • Utilizes modern marketing tools

Ready to Rock with an Animated Logo?

When you are ready to take your brand to the next level with an animated logo, Mad Mind Studios Logo Design Los Angeles is the one to turn to. With extensive experience, the talented team will craft a motion graphic logo that breaths new life into your brand. Reach out today and find out more.

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