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Five Forward-Thinking Products in Flexible Packaging Designs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Future is Ours: 5 Forward-Thinking Products in Flexible Packaging Designs

If you are at a crossroads with choosing packaging for your products, you have the power to be a positive influence on the environment which is a wonderful opportunity. We can’t control everything about the future but through creative planning and innovative solution, we can have an input on how it turns out.

From the exhaust emissions from the vehicles we choose to drive to the materials and methods we use to package products, a considerable amount of the future of our environment is in our hands. It is up to us to make or break the condition of the world we live in and the one we’ll one day leave behind to the younger generations.

Flexible packaging design is one proactive measure we can take to enjoy the benefits of modern technology without negative consequences.

What Is Flexible Packaging Design?

Flexible packaging design is a term that describes packaging that is constructed from materials that “give” when closed or filled.  Such a diverse packaging style is not only advantageous for industrial, institutional, and consumer purposes but is also environmentally friendly.

The Fabulous Future of Flexible Packaging

The fact that the global flexible packaging market is growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from $182.3 billion in 2020 to a projected $325.6 billion in 2030 is proof that its future is a promising one.

Big Benefits of Futuristic Packaging Style

Popular among a myriad of industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, home goods, and more, the innovative packaging style has a ton of benefits including:

  1. Lightweight. Flexible packaging doesn’t weigh as much as the traditional packaging styles such as metal, wood, and glass. That means they’re easier to transport and stand less of a risk of getting damaged during shipping. In addition, companies make higher profits due to saving on shipping fees and damage recover. As far as the environment goes, less CO2 is used during transportation because of the innovative, lighter weight packaging.
  2. Customizable. Flexible packaging design leaves a lot to the imagination. Packages can be constructed in all different shapes and sizes that make them more affordable to produce and cheaper to ship. Odd-shaped items no longer have to be singled out into mold designs for more expensive packaging because one size fits most. The print style can be customized to meet the flexible packaging too whereas options in traditional packaging were much more limited and expensive too.
  3. Sustainability. One of the most prized benefits of flexible packaging is that the material can be easily recycled. Many can be reused, thanks to features like zip enclosures and seal tops. The packaging containers average 30-40% less waste than rigid containers. Considerably less greenhouse gas emissions are created in the process and there is less plastic and food waste as well. Companies that utilized this futuristic packaging certainly earn bragging rights.
  4. Space saving. Storing flexible packaging material takes way less space than traditional packaging materials do. What that amounts to is that wholesalers and retailers alike can save money in storage fees.
  5. eCommerce. With 46.75 billion ecommerce sellers in the world, flexible packaging is trending because it meets their needs. From accommodating the need to customize product they’re shipping to the ability to be store in compact spaces, flexible packaging has never been more popular and in-demand.
  6. Easy. Aside from being convenient, cheaper, and sustainable, the flexible packaging style is simple to use and simple to open. Many packages using this print design seal and reseal with zip lock technology. Retailers are praised for offering their customers ease of opening and storing products and enjoy the rewards of ease and simplicity themselves.
  7. Outstanding branding. Branding is more than the way packaging looks, there is a lot of psychology behind it as well. Flexible packaging allows for a packaging design agency to fully unleash their creativity in areas such as print design, logo design, and print style. The product package is a direct reflection of the company and product it represents so the ability to incorporate engaging print designs, higher quality logos, and innovative print style is a huge bonus.

The Five Best Packaging Design Agency Design Options

Now that you are aware of what flexible packaging entails and the benefits it holds, it’s time to look at some of the packaging styles available.

  1. Low-density Polythene (LDPE)

Low-density polythene packaging utilizes a lightweight plastic material to achieve flexibility in packaging. It is corrosion, impact, and chemical resistant. The film product is appreciated for having low-temperature flexibility, and durability.

  1. Linear Low-density Polythene (LLDPE)

This ultra-impressive packaging style evolved from LOPE. It is made to absorb impact without any tearing or puncturing. The films are flexible, durable, and resistant to chemicals, impact, and corrosion. This type of film is commonly used with food and non-food packaging as a shrink/stretch material and is widely used world-wide due to its astounding properties.

  1. Bi-axially-oriented Polypropylene Polymer (BOPP)

This style of packaging product is created in the manufacturing stage by stretching a PP film in a technique that is cross-directional. It is extremely puncture and crack resistant and has optimal optical clarity. The surface yields a high gloss finish and is transparent as well, making it useful in a vast range of products within the food and beverage industry.

  1. Bi-axially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET)

Invented by DuPont and later adopted for use by Kodak, BOPET is a true marvel in innovative packaging. Constructed of stretched PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, this film is known for its transparent, high tensile strength, chemical resistance, reflectivity, and chemical stability, oil, and gas. It is one of the best barriers against certain chemical substances and oxygen and possesses electrical insulation as well.

  1. Laminates

Laminate packaging is beneficial because it is moisture resistant and durable. It has excellent clarity which is why it is so popular for retail packaging. Laminate packaging behaves a lot like paper so it is a viable option to providing the same look and feels while adding more advantages in the mix. It is also easy to use for a great print design and logo design so its an outstanding choice for marketing.

Print-Friendly Packing Designs

When you send your product to a packaging design agency for a print design, the type of packaging will make a difference in the print style and logo design that works best for it. The overall packaging style should be chosen first according to the function it needs to serve. Your packaging design agency will take care of the rest by helping you choose a print style, logo design, and print design that is conducive to the packaging and to your brand marketing as well. After all, that’s what design agencies do. They work within your margins while optimizing your brand identity.

Choose Flexible Packaging for a Better Tomorrow

Reusable and recyclable packaging is not a new concept. Technology has been moving in this direction for years. Consumers are catching on more and more with many refusing to buy products that aren’t packaged responsibly.

Innovative new technology in earth, consumer, and retailer friendly packaging says so much about our values and stewardship to the earth and environment. As you choose the product you will encase your wares in, be sure to make responsible decisions that contribute to a bright future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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