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Sustainable Packaging Design with Mad Mind Studios

There are many different types of sustainable packaging design becoming available as suppliers and consumers become more aware of the environmental impact they have. Biodegradable and recyclable packaging options are a popular choice for people making an effort to reduce waste.

What impact does packaging have on the environment?

Packaging waste accounts for 1/3 of all garbage in most dumps across the United States. The U.S. is also the number one trash-producing country in the world, which is contributing to the environmental decline of our planet. Eco-friendly companies are taking on some of the responsibility by trying to reduce their impact with packaging that is less detrimental to the worldwide excess of garbage.

How do you choose the right packaging for your product?

First, do some research on similar products to get familiar with what kind of options are out there. If sustainability is important to you, definitely consider using materials like cardboard or paper that can be recycled, or plant fibers like cellulose that are easier to breakdown. We are definitely seeing a shift in consumer demand for more eco-conscious products.

Packaging design

Mad Mind Studios specializes in logo and packaging design for companies with a sustainable focus. We have worked with several brands to create their logos and packaging from scratch or help with a full rebrand. We worked with Kickback Cold Brew on a vibrant, friendly packaging design that encourages people to pick up their healthy products. Their focus is using CBD combined with coffee and tea to help active people stay energized while feeling relaxed.

Mad Mind Studios has also worked with brands like Blackbird Vineyards and Bare Artistry. See our portfolio to see more of our logo design and packaging clients.

If you’re interested in sustainable packaging design or logo design. We also offer a full range of branding and marketing services that can be implemented to boost visibility and increase sales. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your next project!

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