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Social Media Influencer SEO: How to Optimize Your Profiles for Search Engines

If you’re like many merchants and musicians, you think that having a profile up on your social media site is good enough. But as the old saying goes, “Good enough just isn’t good enough.”

To get all you can out of being on social media, you’ll need to bump it up a notch. From your social media icons to SEO social media, what you put into your social media plan is what you’ll get out of it.

One of the most effective measures to take to level-up for social media is optimizing your profiles with SEO-rich keywords. Doing so will help you do the exact same thing it does for your website. In fact, social media profiles have been known to rank higher than websites due to search engine optimization.

Reasons to Implement Your Profile with SEO Social Media

Ask any branding agency about SEO on social media and you’ll probably hear how important it is to SEO optimize your profile. Professionals, like branding design Los Angeles, know from their experience from managing social media plans the rewards of a well-thought-out SEO social media agenda. Social media posts work to create a feedback loop which comes full circle to improve your overall presence.

Adding and perfecting your social media profiles improves your E-A-T Score on Google which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Those are the basis for Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. When your social media site shows proof it possesses all of those characteristics, you will come up among the first when someone searches for a word or group of words that you have targeted to draw viewers to your site.

Some of the many reasons to update your social media profile with SEO include:

  • Increase the potential that your social media posts will rank in the top results so you can attract more views to your profile.
  • More views to your profile mean you have the chance to engage more viewers so they hear your story that has been created by your branding agency.
  • Viewers you’ve attracted and engaged due to implementing SEO on your social media profile means you’re likely to drive more results in the end.
  • The more viewers who are successfully called to action, the more referrals you will probably get from satisfied customers.

Simple Steps to SEO Optimize Your Profile on Social Media

Optimizing your social media sites isn’t complicated if you know what the object of the game is. The concept for optimizing your profile on your social media plan is the same concept as SEO for your website. By taking these easy actions, you’ll find your site is ranking in searches more than you ever thought possible.

  1. Create username consistency across social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and most other social media platforms call for usernames. Keeping your username, the same on all the platforms helps establish a reputation for yourself. Google search engine uses user names and handles on Twitter to make a determination on what your social media page represents. Optimizing your username and keeping it consistent on social media platforms like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and enjoy top page results. When creating your username, check for keywords related to your field, just as you may have done when choosing the name of your company. Make it searchable and relevant so it helps drive traffic to your site. There are programs online that will give you suggestions on specific keywords and keyword phrases and will also tell you how they rank in search engine optimization. From there, you can choose words for your username and for other areas of your site such as those below.
  2. Make your social media plan work for you with increased SEO social signals. SEO social signals are a webpage’s combined likes, shares, and overall visibility and activity as perceived by the search engines. The chief aim on a search engine is to determine which sites contain relevant content that is high-quality in nature. By adding keyword optimization and engaging your viewers to like, share, and act on the content you put on your page, you increase your chances of being rewarded by the search engines which is well worth the effort. Encourage your audience to become more engaged by conducting surveys, allowing them to ask questions for you to answer, and by getting more personal with them so they become involved on an emotional level. Once they do, you will find that your SEO social signals pick up and the overall success of your social media sites show the difference.
  3. Optimize high-quality images and visuals that are uploaded to your social media sites. The value of maximizing images with SEO on a profile is one of the most overlooked opportunities on social media. Users love images that are visually appealing. Be sure you have an excellent image for your cover photo or profile image and by all means, be sure they are the correct dimensions. Go a step further and fill in the description information and alt text on your images such as image description, etc. Use keywords that pertain to your page. If you are a musician who sells albums, you might label your album photo using keywords such as “album”, “new release”, and so forth. When possible, use the same keywords you have on your site and/or your username like “Joe Bob’s new release album”. Ensuring your social media plan utilizes profile images to the fullest will help you get outstanding results.
  4. Make sure your logo design is fully optimized for your profile. Did you know that your logo design for social media can and should be optimized with SEO social media? A seasoned branding agency takes SEO into consideration when creating a logo design for social media or social media icons. Your SEO logo should properly represent your brand, so it helps viewers remember who you are and what your brand is about. A logo design for social media should give insight into your brand story. By choosing the best layout, appropriate colors and font styles and sizes, and picking excellent images or symbols, your profile will be more attractive but more useful as well.
  5. Spring for a professional social media design website. If you aren’t skilled in keyword optimization to ensure your SEO social media agenda and SEO social signals are up to par and are maximizing your social media plan, it’s a wise ideal to hire an expert to do it for you. A professional branding agency will innovatively craft a logo design for social media, implement SEO social media keywords, and add outstanding creative content that sets you apart from all the competition. It’s an investment that will pay off for years down the road and will be a decision you won’t regret. You might also consider a branding agency that will manage your social media sites as well, so you enjoy ongoing maximized success.

If you are looking for branding design Los Angeles, be sure to check out Mad Mind Studios for a superb SEO social media plan that is highly customized by experts in the field.

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