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Restaurant Website Design Los Angeles

Designing an outstanding restaurant website is a tall order but we’ve got the task mastered. Our creative team members at Mad Mind Studios are experts in restaurant website design in Los Angeles, bringing years of experience to the table.

We custom-craft your site to perfection, catering to your exact preferences and individuality. Whether your establishment is fast food, casual, or upscale, we capture the unique essence of your brand to ensure you stand out from the competition.

Showcasing Your Specialties

What sets your LA restaurant web design apart?

Let’s Talk! The first step is a consultation so we can get to know you and your vision for your restaurant.

Then we’ll establish your brand identity to bring its personality to life on your website:

Name Creation: You’ll need a name for your establishment and your site if you don’t already have one. What’s in a name? EVERYTHING! Let our creative crew help you find a great one.

Logo Design: We specialize in custom logos that are packed full of personality and easy to recognize and remember. We will include your logo on your site.

Color Palette: Colors have specific psychological connections which is a great tool when crafting a restaurant web design.

Graphics: Our graphic artists are second to none. Whether you want sleek and simple, bold and flashy, or something in between, we’ll design your website in the look and feel of your choice.

Font Style and Size: Even the font plays a huge role in creating your website. Playful, elegant, retro, script, or simple – we’ve got it all and will coordinate the size and style of your website font to match the identity of your brand.


What’s on Your Menu?

Why You Need a Restaurant Website Design in Los Angeles

Maybe you’re tossing around the idea of having a website created or are thinking about revamping the one you have. Here’s why it’s a great idea:

Brand Image – Your site is the place where it all comes together – your restaurant’s personality, your specials, your menu, and more.

Promote Business – In a recent restaurant survey, 75% of all polled said they choose a restaurant based on search results including websites.

Increase Search Rankings – We apply SEO to your content in order to move your establishment up in the ranks. Ultimately, that means more business for you.

Provide Information – Your restaurant website is the ideal spot to post your days and times of operation, weekly or daily specials, display coupons, and to let viewers know about upcoming events.

Creative Content – From photos of your restaurant and the food and drinks you serve to informative and/or entertaining blogs and articles, viewers appreciate relevant content.

Convenience – When customers (or potential customers) want to know how late you’re open or what type of food you serve, in mere minutes they can view your site to find out.

Establish Trust and Loyalty – If you’ve ever been asked about your website only to have to disclose that you don’t have one, you know the look of disbelief and disappointment.  Don’t disappoint. Let’s start your site today.

Expert Restaurant Website Design in Los Angeles…
Converting Clicks into Orders

If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, you’re practically in our backyard. There are definite advantages to working with a local restaurant web designer and developer including:

• Option for in-person consultation.
• We know the area and the audience and make your LA location work for you.
• No need to jump on a plane if you need to pick something up or drop something off.
• LA locals have a common bond.

Spectacular Full-Service Restaurant Website Development and Design

When You’re Ready to Order, We’re Just a Click Away

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Great Reviews

98 Out Of 100 Clients Have Given Us A Five Star
Rating On Google, Facebook & Yelp

I have worked extensively with Mad Mind Studios. I can, with confidence, give them my highest recommendation. They are creative, professional and highly responsive to what I asked them to accomplish. Our Shopify website is responsive and user-friendly.
Gary S.

— Gary S.

Los Angeles

I was blown away by the team at Mad Mind Studios from inception to launch! They worked with our team to make sure all our goals and desires were meet and the response to our new Shopify website has been exciting.
Mark C.

— Mark C.

Beverly Hills

Our site was released 6 months ago. The work was professional, as advertised and on time. We tweek the site periodically and changes are incorporated in a timely manner. Shopify is easy to use and the backend doesn't require any coding knowledge.
William H.

— William H.

Manhattan Beach

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