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Top 4 Reasons To Update Your Logo Design for 2019

1. Your logo design is all over the place

The logo of your business is the centerpiece of your brand. All of your other branding materials and designs are based on the logo, so it has to accurately represent your messaging. Remember that your logo is used almost everywhere, so you want it to stand out! Your logo probably needs some work if the typography is out of style (please, stay away from comic sans and other generic fonts) or the imagery is cluttered and out of date. Keeping it simple is a good rule of thumb for creating a timeless logo.

2. You aren’t getting recognized

Apple’s logo is simple, and a fruit has nothing to do with a tech company, yet everyone across the world is able to recognize the brand. While worldwide recognition isn’t a goal for every business, being easily distinguished from other companies in your market or community is extremely important for brand loyalty and reputation. If you’re having trouble gaining traction as a business, it might be because your brand gets lost in the shuffle. Try cleaning up your logo with a fresh, modern design that highlights your key brand identity.

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3. You’ve never updated the logo design

If your logo is still the same as it was when you launched your startup out of a garage ten years ago, it’s probably way past due for an update. A lot can change in a few years, and re-evaluating your logo along with your brand’s positioning, strategy, and goals is essential for continued growth. Most major brands make small if not drastic changes to their logo over a period of time. Make sure your new logo is versatile so it can be used anywhere – with and without the company name.

4. Your brand needs a refresh

Giving your logo a makeover doesn’t have to be drastic – changing up the design too often will lead to confusion from customers and overall hurt your brand recognition. Google has done several small logo updates over the years to stay relevant and fresh without losing their signature look. Small adjustment to font and layout can do wonders to enhance your overall branding without sacrificing years of work that have gone into claiming your company’s core identity.

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