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How to Quickly Grow Your Instagram Following

No matter how much we deny it, we all love to be loved…. online, that is. With more than 800 MILLION monthly users (yes, you read that correctly) Instagram is booming.

Instagram is a social media platform full of opportunity. With pictures, videos, Boomerangs, and now IGTV, there is no limit to what you can create in order to promote your brand. Other than diversifying content, businesses must create a devoted following that engage with their profiles- even when there are no new products or sales to announce.

While Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook have lost people’s interest, Instagram has kept its stronghold in the social media realm. Instagram is perfect for smaller businesses because one does not have to have a multi-million dollar budget to create fun campaigns. Anyone with a smartphone can contribute to a business page, but it’s important to have an Instagram marketing strategy in order to grow your following and user engagement.

Growing Instagram Audience



To help your business grow its Instagram following, here are some quick tips:


It’s not enough to just have an account.

Switching to an Instagram Business profile will allow you to track your metrics. You won’t know what types of posts work and which ones do not if you don’t track and evaluate your strategy. The business profile will easily separate how many people were reached, how many people clicked on a link, and more. Isn’t that super useful?

You can also connect your company Facebook page in order to manage your pages.

First impressions matter.  

Your bio is the first contact potential customers or clients will have with your brand. This blurb can specify what type of industry your business belongs to, as well as describes what sets you apart from the others- so make it memorable!

Instagram bio

Instagram bio

Sometimes short and sweet is the answer- especially for well-known companies like WeWork and Glossier shown above. When you want to promote a sale or new blog post on your website, edit your profile to include the link for the site. Shortening the link will also look cleaner on your bio.

Tell a story.

Instagram took a page from Snapchat in its implementation of Instagram Stories. These pictures or videos only last 24 hours, and each time you add to your Story, it refreshes the feed for followers. Stories give followers an insider look into your business.

Instagram Story

                                                            via GIPHY

Story Highlights are little collections of past stories that you wish to save onto your Instagram profile. Be creative and cultivate your Highlights with goals in mind. Do you want customers to see a variety of different campaigns? How about fun office antics? Teasers for new products? With Highlights, you can separate content for your business in an easy-to-click-through format.

Don’t overdo the hashtags.

Even though you are allowed 30 hashtags, market research shows that the optimal amount of hashtags to use in a post is only 11. Try to specify your hashtags so that you’re hitting the right audience that will most likely be more interested in what you do. Promoting your brand on Instagram also means tailoring hashtags– creating one that you consistently use once a week will boost your visibility.

Influence the masses.

Your friend is raving about this new ice cream shop in the neighborhood. “You just have to go get some!” they say as they show you a picture of a perfect scoop they took. You’re more likely to go visit that shop because your friend mentioned it. This is the basis for influencer marketing- an influencer’s seal of approval will drive your sales.

Influencer Instagram Marketing

It’s not a surprise that influencer marketing is increasingly gaining traction in the business world- it’s more powerful than you may think. About 80% of influencers prefer collaborating on Instagram than other platforms. Setting up sponsored ads and affiliate marketing will reach niche audiences efficiently, creating new admirers (and followers!).  

Get some help!

Are you trying to grow your following online but can’t seem to connect with your audience? A part of your budget should go towards your socials with an Instagram marketing or advertising agency. If you want to grow your business, you’ll need to grow the followers that engage with your page.

Here at Mad Mind Studios, we understand that there’s already a lot on your plate when it comes to running a business. We will help you with an Instagram marketing strategy that fits in your business’ overall branding goals. Mad Mind Studios can guide your digital marketing every step of the way and ensure you’re happy with the results. Call us today for a free quote!


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