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Hard hitting flyers that genuinely work

Every day, hundreds of companies in Los Angeles use flyers to get people interested in their products and services. Of these, a good proportion go about it completely the wrong way and end up wasting their investment. We don’t want that to happen to you. At Mad Mind Studios we know that for a flyer to be effective at all it needs to be designed properly. It needs to capture a potential client’s attention within seconds and give them enough info for them to want to get in touch. As one of Los Angeles’ leading design studios, this is what we look for in a successful flyer:

Fit for purpose

Think first what you plan on using the flyer for? Is it for a postal mailshot, for customers to pick up in your business or to hand out at an event? Does the flyer advertise your business as a whole, or is it connected to a specific marketing campaign or individual service. All of these considerations will affect the flyer design, so think on them carefully. There isn’t such thing as a one size fits all flyer – they all need to be designed with a specific focus and target audience.

Content is King

Our flyer designs are created with one major consideration; to show off your content in the best possible way. The purpose of a flyer shouldn’t simply be to wow a potential customer with pretty colors and images. It should catch their attention and draw it to a specific message then – most importantly – convey enough urgency for them to get in touch with you to find out more. The design elements should complement rather than swamp the content. A flyer that is thin on content or difficult to read isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention.

Attention Grabbing Layout

With so many other businesses in your industry also using flyers to attract the same customers, you need a designer who can think outside the box and create an attention grabbing layout for you. Some of the best flyers use bold, vibrantly colored typography to relay their message. Geometric designs are also very hard hitting – or you might choose to employ a retro feel to your flyer reminiscent of the 1940s, 1920s or 1980s? There are no hard and fast rules, but be prepared to break the mold and be creative. If you stick to tired industry conventions your flyer will most likely end up in the trashcan.

How effective is your flyer?

Here are the million dollar questions we ask all our clients. When you’ve got your flyer design proofs in front of you, take a step back and imagine briefly seeing your flyer from a stranger’s perspective, maybe in the window of a store as you walk past.

1. Is your logo and company name clearly visible?
2. Can your message be absorbed in 30 seconds or less?
3. Is your flyer design memorable?
4. Does your flyer stand out from competitors within your industry?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, chances are you’ve hit on the best flyer design for you.
If not, talk to us today about designing a professional and stylish flyer for your business that draws in new prospects and prompts them to pick up the phone.

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