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Pitch Deck Presentations for Entertainment Companies

Pitch deck presentations are commonplace in virtually all B2B companies, and entertainment firms are no different. While each business requires different styling, content and strategies when crafting the presentations, all of them need beautiful designs to help capture the attention of the target audience. There is no standard for an acceptable pitch deck presentation, but there are guidelines that we believe every company should follow when making them.

The entertainment business is unique– being based in Los Angeles, Mad Mind Studios is often approached by major production studios that need pitch decks for their clients. They generally understand that creativity in-house for design work is limited, and that reaching out to a professional design firm that also specializes in content creation may be optimal for their sales strategy.

Creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint can now be considered outdated, and if you want to learn more about that, check out the blog post we recently wrote about it. So for the purpose of this blog, we are mainly speaking of presentations in the form of PDF.

Content for Pitch Decks

Targeted Content for Entertainment Pitch Decks

Although Mad Mind Studios specializes in graphic design, we also have a profound appreciation for the influence that well-written content can foster. The content within the pitch deck must be engaging, educating and have a clear purpose for including it in the presentation. The content must be strategic and targeted to the specific audience that it is selling to, using the appropriate terms and language syntax to cultivate an understanding in their brains as to why they should buy your product or service.

The entertainment industry, while creative at its core, has a significant business aspect that is not often seen by the public. Therefore, presenters in the industry need to demonstrate their creative eloquence in their copy without writing it at the expense of professionalism. This is one of the most difficult aspects of the presentation, and entertainment firms should reach out to a professional copywriting firm for help if needed.

Pitch Deck branding

Pitch Deck Design that Exemplifies the Brand

This is another important concept that entertainment firms shouldn’t forget. Your branding is one of the most important facets of your business, and your presentations should be indicative of your brand. The colors, typography, graphics, drawings and all other creative elements should be inspired by your branding. This requires a brand styleguide so that a graphic design firm knows exactly how to best represent your firm in the pitch deck. Your logo will also be an important feature to the pitch deck, as it will likely be the graphic that makes the most features in the presentation, so having a presentable logo is imperative.

Firms like 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, and Disney all have unique and recognizable brands that should avoid shouldn’t be tampered with in a presentation design. Even talent agencies like Creative Artist Agency, United Talent Agency and Innovative artists use pitch decks everyday. The pitch deck can be an opportunity for you to exemplify the brand to your clients, reaffirming your brand’s positioning and identity.

Creating successful pitch deck is not an easy thing to accomplish by yourself. Even the largest firms contact professional design agencies to help them bring their dreams into fruition. Mad Mind Studios is based in Los Angeles and is well connected in Hollywood, designing logos, building brands and creating pitch decks for entertainment firms. Feel free to contact us and we can find out how we can make a lasting partnership through our services.

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