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3 Ways to Make a Great Pitch Deck – Mad Mind Studios Partners with Entertainment Companies

Mad Mind Studios has partnered with several companies in the entertainment industry including Fox Studios and Sony Pictures. Pitch decks can be tailored to use for a variety of purposes, including pitching an idea to investors, giving an overview of the company for clients, and presenting data or analytics. Overall, a pitch deck is designed to present the summary of a brand, supported by images and other assets.

There are a few key components that are necessary to create an eye-catching pitch deck that will capture the attention of whoever you are pitching to. Because pitch decks contain a limited number of pages, the idea is to be brief. Each page has to be carefully crafted to create a punch that leaves your audience interested in learning more about your company, brand, or idea.

3 Ways to Make a Great Pitch Deck


1. Clean and simple design

Pitch decks are created to be an introduction to an idea or brand, which means they should stay simple in both design and content. You don’t want to overwhelm the reader with excess images and charts – the important information should pop off the page because that is what readers will remember. Keeping the design clean and simple creates a more professional look as well.

2. Cohesive branding

Your pitch deck can be used over and over again depending on the content, and you want to make sure your brand is getting as much visibility and recognition as possible. Sticking to your brand’s style guide with a consistent font, color palette, and imagery throughout the pitch deck creates a strong brand identity.

3. Engaging information

Pitches are meant to be compelling and to the point, which remains true for a pitch deck. Try to get all of your most important information across through a combination of headlines, bullet points, images, charts, and graphics. This format is much easier for the reader to quickly understand rather than including blocks of text. Each pitch deck is different but may include things like a brief overview of the company, marketing plan, competition analysis, budget, and goals.

Mad Mind Studios specializes in strategic pitch decks for brands in any industry. Contact us today for more information about our design, web development, branding, and marketing services.

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