CPG Brand Pitch Decks

We are experts in CPG brand pitch decks with over a decade of experience in all phases of CPG branding and marketing.
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Outstanding CPG Brand Pitch Decks

We are experts in CPG brand pitch decks with over a decade of experience in all phases of CPG branding and marketing. When it’s time to pitch your CPG brand, trust the professionals at Mad Mind Studios. We deliver far beyond your expectations.

The most common CPG deck is one that’s presented to a retailer by a manufacturing company. Our pitch decks for CPG are excellent for those who are starting up a new business and also for existing companies who are looking to convince retailers to carry their product.

CPG investor pitch decks are popular too. Our profession CPG brand pitch decks are designed to creatively inform your audience and ultimately, to secure growth and/or funding.

Representing Your Brand

A CPG brand pitch deck is the perfect opportunity to bring your brand to life. You want your audience to visualize it to the point they can almost taste it. We develop a strong CPG brand identity and let its personality come to light throughout the presentation, so your potential investor or retailer gets to know your brand and the story behind it.


Audiences love patterns of consistency. Once you brand has come to life with carefully chosen colors, specific font styles and font sizes, and custom graphics, we carry your brand’s characteristics through the full presentation which builds trust and reinforces your story.


Without a powerful connection, your pitch is just one of the crowd. Our talented team takes great measures to put you head and shoulders above the rest by skillfully establishing a relationship between you and your audience which makes all the difference in the world when it’s time to reveal the results.

Totally Unique

Our pitch decks are totally original. You’ll never get a carbon copy or anything similar to another brand’s pitch deck. We spend time with you to find out more about you, your company, and your CPG product so we can customize the perfect pitch deck for you.


In today’s competitive market, your CPG product pitch deck must have a novel approach to captivate your audience. We strive to deliver new and different content that makes your pitch deck presentation spectacular.


CPG pitch decks are notoriously geared to deliver financial information. While numbers, data, facts, and statistics can be boring, they are necessary components in a presentation. Our professional team specializes in spicing them up with eye-catching graphics and other innovative techniques.


We build your CPG product pitch deck around a concrete plan of action that captivates, engages, and sets you up to succeed with the results you are hoping for.

Forward Thinking Experts Specializing in Outside of the Box Presentations

Brands We’ve Grown

The partnerships we’ve made over the years bring us great joy. Each and every one of our clients have gained success from our services, and we are happy to have established lasting relationships with them.