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Photo Retouching Los Angeles

We understand that as a professional or even novice photographer, your business does not end with taking photos. In fact, that’s just the beginning. The photos need to be refined so that you can make them look as striking as you intended them to be. Ultimately, your goal is to put a smile on your client’s face and in that, we have a similar objective. That is what will boost your personal brand to make you stand out in this competitive art.

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

As a professional photo retouching Los Angeles agency, we know that unexpected discrepancies occur as you skillfully take photos. You can adjust the settings of your digital camera and control variables such as light to beautifully execute your portraits, but sometimes unexpected problems arise. For instance, light spots, hard shadows, unintended lens flare and overexposure. With our photo retouching expertise, that shouldn’t worry you because we can undo the damage to bring out the exquisite beauty in your artwork.

Depend On Qualified Professionals

We know that you are a pro at taking photos. Our strong suit is to do all the remaining digital retouching work for you. That way, you can spend more time shooting. Moreover, even if you are an amateur, we are still the finest photo retouching Los Angeles service provider you need to make your photos pop. Some of our key services include:

1. Photo cropping and editing
2. Contrast, brightness, exposure and white balance adjustment
3. Color correction
4. Body retouch. e.g. getting rid of skin blemishes, tan lines, reshape, slimming
5. Portrait enhancement
6. Photo restoration of old and damaged photos
7. Post production e.g. for weddings, birthday parties, tours
8. Photo montage and manipulation

Photo Retouching Redefined

Our team consists of professional graphic artists and photo retouches with a passion for the art. We only work to edit, correct and enhance your pictures with respect to what you want the end product to be. By sticking to your style and requirements, we uniquely help you express your prowess in photography to all your customers.

Los Angeles Photo Editing . Photo Retouching

Whether you are looking to change the color or texture of an indoor, high end fashion shot or you want to replace your outdoor portrait with a cleaner or messier background, we got your back. We can also add or take out extra objects from your pictures as needed. In photography, the only thing that can limit your pictures is your imagination!