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Photo Retouching Los Angeles Services At Your Fingertips

A photo is worth a thousand words, and it only takes a few seconds to make an impression when you first look at a photo.

It is not unusual for people to assume that photo retouching is basically airbrushing that does away with all the original detail to bring out something that doesn’t look anything close to the real thing. That is a widespread misconception about photo retouching. Unfortunately, substandard service providers don’t help correct this misconception either. On the other hand, our professional photo retouching Los Angeles services are focused on unleashing the cleanest, most natural look. How do we do that? We are able to do that by:

a) Keeping it realistic

We only get rid of unwanted aspects. Our goal is to preserve the real beauty of your picture, not make it into something you never intended it to be. That’s why our designers work hard to keep the original picture as true as possible, only taking out things that affect the picture negatively. So you end up with a final product that looks a lot like what you imagined it to be, just better than how it was originally taken.

b) Always Listening To The Client

Our experience in the photo retouching business has taught us a valuable lesson. Every single photographer is different. Thus, our main aim is to make the photographer’s ideas come to life. That is because the photographer knows best what he/she was trying to bring out in the pictures taken. So we closely listen to our client during the whole retouching process.

c) We Make Golden Memories Last For Eternity

Our photo retouching Los Angeles services are aimed at keeping moments in photos fresh by preserving facial expressions and improving appearances. For instance, if you want your wedding photos to have some extra magic just to portray how over the moon you felt on your special day, we can make it happen for you. That is accomplished through:

Artistic Editing: This is done to get rid of any kind of blemishes, small unwanted objects, stray hair and airbrushing the skin.
Color Correction: We professionally adjust color exposition, contrast, temperature and balance. Apart from that, we fine tune the shadows and highlights so that they can precisely match and sync with the style of the photographer and the effect you want.
Image Culling: Our expert photo editors crop, edit and adjust the pictures as needed so that the end result can reflect what you envisioned at the time the photo was taken.

d) We also do the impossible


Do you have a photo that you love but you need some big changes made to it? We can handle that for you. Even the top tier labs here in Los Angeles send us their ‘impossible jobs’. The end result? A superb natural finish that brings out the beauty of the photo. No photo is too old for us to restore, that’s actually the fun stuff. This also consists of advanced editing for retouching a portrait, enhancing backgrounds, body correction and braces or wrinkle removal.

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