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3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need a Strong Marketing Strategy

Nonprofits often view success and conversions as solely grants, funding, and donations. Yet, potential clients and partners don’t want to check out your social media platforms and only see posts asking for donations.

Many nonprofit organizations run on a tight budget and believe that investing in marketing would not be a wise use of their funds. However, investing in a simple marketing strategy will help you create a cohesive campaign, that will not only drive traffic, but create long-term relationships with partners and clients.

1. Increase visibility

It’s no question that social media increases brand visibility- and this isn’t limited to traditional businesses, like B2B and B2C companies. As you keep growing your non-profit, you need to plan out a clear strategy that not only drives potential leads to your website, but that engage with your content.

2. Get social media savvy

It can be as simple as creating a social media content calendar. What about generating interesting content?  Many organizations lack the proper resources to create high-quality videos, professional photography, and paid campaigns.

An impactful call-to-action doesn’t have to take a whole creative media team. By crafting goals and defining strategies, your non-profit can easily increase its visibility by pinpointing its unique value and mission.

3. Drive website traffic

Creating a beautiful website attracts more eyes to your content and services. The Non-Profit Forum presented a case study that supported investing a portion of an organizational budget towards marketing. Before their inbound marketing plan, the foundation attempted to clearly communicate its mission statement but lacked a consistent strategy. By creating fresh content across platforms, they were able to increase website traffic by 3x in the first year. Sleeker websites with easy accessibility and new content will always help attract more traffic towards your site.

Reach higher growth

At Mad Mind Studios, we provide a number of different services that can help increase the visibility of your nonprofit organization by creating a strategy for sustainable growth. Mad Mind Studios will aid you in creating long-term goals that align with your mission, and engage your audience both online and offline. We’re interested in providing you lasting relationships and increased engagement with your organization’s platforms. Together, we can build a better strategy for your non-profit organization to grow even bigger.

From website design to digital marketing to logo creation, we do it all.

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