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3 Simple Ways To Brand Your Nonprofit

madmindstudios - July 20, 2018 - 0 comments

What Does Branding Do?

Successful nonprofit branding helps to engage audiences in authentic, emotional forms. It’s certainly necessary to connect meaningfully in a fast-paced and increasingly globalizing market. Now, consumers align themselves with brands in online and offline communities. Building brand loyalty and intimacy begins with creating a personal connection, and using your digital platforms as channels to help inform, educate, and please your audiences creates a bigger community.

1. Construct a consistent email newsletter

Creating an email newsletter lets your subscribers know what your organization has been working on and what you’re excited to show them. Not only does it assert your brand in their minds, it can also be another approach in getting volunteers and retaining partnerships. 

2. A picture speaks a thousand words

Social media users tend to gravitate towards posts that include a photo, video, or even a fun GIF. These posts break through text-heavy sections and grab attention! Make sure your logo is well-seen on your newsletters, social media posts, and website.

3. Maintain your social media presence

It’s not enough that you have a Twitter or Instagram account for your non-profit. You must interact with partners, engage with volunteers and donors, and most of all- repost other accounts’ content. It’s easy to do and creates a consistent feed of content for your followers.

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Hone Your Nonprofit Branding Strategy

An experienced marketing agency can help you generate a significant increase in followers, clients, and partnerships. Branding can fall short very quickly without a plan; organizations often run into obstacles such as not modifying their strategy in a changing landscape. With the help of experts, your organization is on the way to creating a stronger brand identity, with impactful messages.

After a free consultation with Mad Mind Studios, you’re one step closer to constructing a branding strategy that will bring more visitors and donors to your organization. We’ve worked with businesses in healthcare, law, food and beverage, wellness, and beauty industries on creating logos, flyer designs, and improving website accessibility. These brands have consequently improved their call to actions, expanded networking opportunities, and strengthened the effectiveness of their website. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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