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Why You Need to Optimize Your Amazon Store Right Now

Today, Amazon is the biggest online marketplace for consumers, which is why it should be of interest to you if you’re in the business of selling products. With around 300 million registered users, about 80% of them make at least one purchase per month, and not only is Amazon the biggest e commerce retailer, it’s actually the second biggest search engine behind Google. By optimizing your Amazon store, you can potentially reach more than triple the amount of people than what’s possible on ebay. So what do you need to do in order to get your product and Amazon store in front of as many people as possible?

Learn About Amazon’s A9 Ranking Algorithm

To break this down as simply as possible, the algorithm is a two-step process that consists of first pulling relevant search results from their catalog, and then ranking them based on how relevant they are. There are three “core pillars” to the algorithm that are equally important:

  • Conversion Rate: Amazon considers reviews, image quality, and prices to have the most effect on these rates
  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention: Reviews and the ODR (order defect rate) are taken into consideration; The more positive feedback you get, the more likely it is you’ll sell more
  • Relevancy: Factors that tell A9 to pull up your product in someone’s search

Use as many Keywords as Possible

You can optimize and incorporate keywords in every part of your product description; this includes the product title, bullets, and the description. Another way to add in keywords that don’t flow naturally with your description is to write them into the backend search terms; these will still be indexed by the algorithm and will affect searches, however, customers are unable to see them. When writing keywords into your product listing, it’s important to write the most important terms first because the algorithm considers these the most relevant. It’s also important not to “keyword stuff” your title or description because this can negatively affect your sales and is ineffective.

Monitor Product Reviews

Amazon is aware that many consumers base their online purchases on the product reviews because they allow them to make informed decisions about what exactly they’re buying. It’s important to keep track of the reviews you’re getting because these can heavily impact your rating. You also want to avoid attempting to buy fake reviews because this is something Amazon has become aware of and if caught your account will be negatively impacted. Keep in mind that reviews can also positively impact your account, the sooner you get positive reviews the better and the higher up you’ll be in search results.

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