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Mobile Responsive Web Design: 5 Best Practices for 2022

Mobile Responsive website in Los Angeles

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Eighty percent of the world’s websites are mobile-friendly. Those whose sites aren’t set up for mobile use are getting left behind. If you have a website like a WordPress website or an ecommerce website, here are some statistics to take to heart:

  • There are 43,2 billion mobile internet users.
  • Over 70% of all searches online originate on a mobile device.
  • Mobile users spend about 2 hours per day on social media.

While most of your website visitors may not be mobile users, you can bet a good amount of them are. There’s a good chance that the social media links or keyword searches that brought them to your site were conducted on a mobile device.

If you want to keep up, go mobile!

What Does Having a Mobile-Friendly Website Entail?

It was in 2007 when smart phones really took off. Right away, it became obvious that web developers needed to figure out how to show the screen on a phone like it appears on a desktop or laptop. Furthermore, tablets and iPads were getting popular too so screens needed to be seen on them in an aesthetically pleasing way as well. That’s when mobile-friendly versions first surfaced.

While mobile devices would display content, it was not at all optimal viewing. Words and images were off center and sometimes were off the screen. Savvy, forward-thinking individuals who had an ecommerce website, WordPress website, WooCommerce website, or most any other website jumped onboard and transformed everything from their website logo design to WordPress website building to accommodate mobile devices as well as the traditional desktop and laptop setups.

Today, having a mobile-friendly website means that your sight displays content and functions in the absolute best way possible so your readers like what they see and stay on your site.

Best Ways to Achieve a Mobile-Friendly Website

There are steps you can take to make sure your WordPress website, ecommerce website, WooCommerce website or any other type of website is not only mobile responsive, but mobile-friendly as well. What worked for 2021 isn’t necessarily the best approach for 2022. Here are the five most current best practices for a mobile-friendly website:

  1. Make it a Mobile-Friendly Search Engine Optimization Website

Most searches start on a mobile device so it’s imperative to have a search engine optimization website that is fully functional on a smart phone, tablet, or iPad. In order to get your information out to the widest audience, you’ll want to have an SEO friendly website so you can draw visitors to your site.

An SEO friendly website that is mobile-friendly as well will help you gain higher rankings. Your rankings determine what order your links show up in a search engine results. If your site isn’t keyword optimized, you won’t achieve maximized results.

  1. Voice Search is a Must for a Mobile-Friendly Website.

There are 3.1 billion voice searches on mobile devices that are conducted every month. Regardless of if you have a WordPress website, WooCommerce website or any other ecommerce website, in addition to implementing a mobile-friendly search engine optimization to your WordPress website building (or other site building), having voice search is imperative if you want to reap all the rewards possible. You’ll need to test voice search out to make sure it’s working correctly and conveniently.

  1. Mobile Visitors Must be Captivated.

When you’re scrolling through search results on your mobile device, chances are you’re doing so quicker than you do on a desktop or laptop. Life is busy and we’re all in a hurry. The same is true for the users you’re wishing to draw to your WordPress website, WooCommerce website, or whatever ecommerce website you employ. You’ll need to get creative to stand out from the crowd. Animations, an innovative website logo design, and brand identity that jumps off the page are examples of how you can make your WordPress for website or ecommerce website striking enough that viewers who are scrolling through on mobile devices will take the time to visit your site. If you don’t catch their attention instantly, you’re out of luck. Making sure your site is awesome will help you turn visitors into customers and turn customers into repeat, loyal customers.

  1. Content is King for Engaging a Mobile Audience.

Once you’ve lured a viewer onto your ecommerce website or have convinced them to click onto your WordPress website or WooCommerce website, the goal is to keep them there. Ninety-four percent of worldwide users research on a mobile device. How can you retain those who click to your ecommerce website when an astounding 61% of viewers only look at page one of any given website they visit? Clearly, this can only be attained by giving them what they want. Engage them physically and emotionally through interesting and relevant content that informs, entertains, and involves. Blogs, articles, images, videos and animations are perfect tools for engaging your mobile audience through informative and impressive content.  No, you’re not expected to be a professional writer who is proficient in keyword SEO optimization. All you have to do is hire someone who is. The same is true for animations, photography, and other content on your site. When you invest in content, you are making a sound investment.

  1. In the End, Mobile Conversions are What Matters.

You may adore having your WordPress website so much, you’d operating it for nothing. Or you might enjoy your WooCommerce website enough that making money on it is secondary. The truth of the matter is that no matter how you love your website, it is designed with one goal in mind – to drive your desired results for conversion – sales, appointments, or donations. Have you ever tried to click to purchase a product on your phone and it wouldn’t go through? You may have vowed to try again on your desktop when you get home but did you? That is a common scenario and it’s one your users will encounter if you don’t make sure your site is optimized for mobile conversions by ensuring it properly scales and functions in a fully responsive and visually pleasurable manner.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Established in 1888, the technical company Kodak once dominated the photographic film market for most of the 20th century. If you had a camera, it was probably a Kodak and the film you used for it was most likely Kodak too. Kodak was the recipient of many awards and is the namesake to the term, “Kodak moment.” But it all went sour because Kodak refused to transform into the digital world. The company didn’t follow when others began implementing their wares to online sales either. Most Gen X don’t even recognize what once was a household name. Why? Because the once-famous corporation failed to innovate.

When you are undergoing your WordPress website building or are hiring help with your website logo design or animations for your site, don’t neglect to make sure that everything you have on your site is mobile-friendly. Go with the changes to seize the opportunities the future has in store, and it will show. Don’t and that will show as well. The choice is yours so make it a wise one.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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