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Why You May Need a Brand Consultation

A brand can represent many ideas, and those ideas can convey feelings, and those feelings can lead to higher conversion rates. Depending on someone’s level of creativity, branding can be thought of as an abstract concept. One cannot simply get an education on brand strategy and be able to come up with a competent branding concept without assistance. If you are not confident whether your branding at this moment can achieve the highest sales possible, you may need a brand consultation.

There are many revelatory factors that should convince you to take the extra step for your business and seek help for your brand identity. We compiled a list of reasons for you that are indicative of a need for a brand consultation.

Your Logo and Website are Inconsistent or Outdated

This is probably the first and easiest sign that you need a brand specialist. Your logo and website are at the forefront of your digital (and in your logo’s case, print) marketing strategy. An inconsistent logo and website tandem may not be obvious to you at first, but your customer’s will be able to tell since they will have the ideas and feelings about the brand. If your logo is trendy, your website should be too. If your website is simple, your logo should not be complicated. If your logo uses a specific color that is important to your brand, your website should incorporate that color as well. Furthermore, if your logo and website are outdated, it can only make your competition look more professional. A brand specialist can help resolve these issues and many more with your logo and website to maintain consistency and promote trendiness.

Your Brand isn’t Attracting the Target Demographic

This is as important as it gets; every business has a target demographic, and this shapes their marketing strategy dramatically. Your brand leads the way in attracting your target demographic; if you are selling to millennials, you need to have a trendy look to your logo, website and print materials (like brochures, business cards, etc). Your marketing campaign will end up with low ROIs and conversion rates if you’re paying to market to the wrong demographic. A brand consultant will undoubtedly diagnose the problems with your current brand strategy to devise a plan to market to the target demographic without wasting capital.

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Your Marketing Strategy Ignores your Brand Identity

This goes back to the previous section about attracting the target demographic. Your marketing strategy should coalesce with your brand identity, steer clear of it. If you sell products that can be described as feminine, the graphics on your website, social media and print materials should match that. Bold text, dark colors and thick typography should be avoided, and the use of those elements in your marketing will certainly confuse customers of your brand identity. Marketing and Branding fall under the same umbrella that will drive your sales to new heights if used in tandem, and a brand consultant can make sure your business is operating accordingly.

At Mad Mind Studios, we specialize in brand strategy and often consult companies that need help with their branding. As brand consultants and specialists, please feel free to schedule a consultation with us to help revitalize your brand.

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