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Mad Mind Studios Creates Professional Website Design for Royal Logistics

Royal Logistics is a full-service warehousing and logistics supplier with locations in California and New Jersey. They needed a website that was equipped to provide a source of information and make it simple for clients to reach them.

Our first objective was to create a simple layout that flowed for users. Optimal website design has a clear path for visitors to follow, based on the company’s intention. For Royal Logistics, informing clients about their services and getting them to contact the company was their goal. If you are selling a product online, directing customers through the homepage to product pages, and eventually checkout without appropriate call-to-action buttons is a tactic for achieving higher online sales.

Color palette

The overall style and aesthetic of the website design also strengthens the brand identity of Royal Logistics. We used a royal blue and gold theme throughout the website to create a unified look that matches the logo and branding.


The main header of the website features a photo of a Royal Logistics truck on a highway that symbolizes their fast shipping and personalized deliveries. Each of the services they offer is accompanied by an image that captures the quality of work they do. It’s important to highlight different aspects of the company using photos that bring a real-life feel. We retouched the photos to make the

Icons and Graphics

We created several icons to help Royal Logistics different services stand out. By designing an icon for warehousing, food processing, fulfillment, drayage, and local deliveries, it breaks up all the text on the page and creates a focal point. Switching up the use of text, graphics, photos, and icons keep the website looking interesting, and makes it easier for visitors to understand the content.

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