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Mad Mind Studios Partners With Bartending Company Happiest Ours

Website Design for Mobile Bartending Sevices in Los Angeles - Mad Mind Studios

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Happiest Ours provides mobile bartending service to residents and companies located in the Inland Empire. The business wanted to amp up its website, create a mobile site, and design custom-made company t-shirts. 

After discussing the Happiest Ours’ brand, we had a better sense of their vision to determine what the site would entail. The goal became to help customers understand their line of work without unanswered questions, as well as to easily be able to book a bartending service with the company. Following our research and open conversation, we broke the project into sections and began creating. 

Website Content 

Our first step was to write content that reflected the Happiest Ours’ brand. We wrote with a new-age voice that showcased casual wording to match their upbeat party service. Aside from sounding fun, we made sure that the home page (online and mobile) jumped straight into how their system works. This feature will, in turn, hold the attention of the consumer as it prevents them from researching the process to the point of frustration, which quickly causes people to leave a site. 

Website Design

Color Palette

When it came to designing the website, we chose a color scheme of black, white, and gray with a pop of orange. The colors are simple yet still bold, as the bright detail of orange captivates the eye.


Throughout the site, we included the Happiest Ours’ bubble logo. The subtle design sits in the background of specific pages to let consumers know they are still viewing Happiest Ours information. 

Icon and Graphics 

Icons played an essential role in designing the website. We strategically placed figures on most of the pages to highlight the laid-back content. The fun, lively images balance the sleekness and professionalism of the font and graphic structures. 


Photography helped define the services of the brand. The site included high-resolution pictures of gatherings and creative mixed drinks. The website allows users to build their own drink menu, which is accompanied by clear images of each cocktail. We retouched each image to assure the style of Happiest Ours’ consistently flowed.

Mobile Site 

The mobile site followed a similar format to that of the online website. It was significant that the two sites remained in sync. Our team made sure to highlight the essential details of the computer version when shrinking the site for mobile use. We aimed to create an informative mobile webpage by making the common tasks available when first logging on, hints the booking call to actions, and 4 step process. The mobile version was created to be as accessible as the computer version. 

Merchandise Design

Per the client’s request, we created t-shirts focusing on the vibe of Happiest Ours. As a mobile bartending service that aims to create a space full of positive encounters, we designed humorous shirts to reflex those feelings. We played with wording and images that revolve around having a fun time drinking. We stayed consistent with the brand’s color scheme and also included their bubbles logo within the text. It was important that the shirts were in sync with the sites so that consumers become familiar with the Happiest Our’s logo and brand. 

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