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Mad Mind Studios Creates Branding Strategy for CBD and Hemp Companies

The CBD and hemp industry is booming as more companies join the brands on the market in California, Colorado, and many other states where hemp is gaining popularity. This is a fairly new industry with a lot of room for potential, but making an impact on your audience is crucial for new CBD businesses. Taking the time to create a clear branding strategy is crucial for kickstarting your CBD business and taking a large share of the market. Mad Mind Studios specializes in helping CBD and hemp businesses enhance their marketing and branding strategy, whether their focus is on luxury, health, or food and beverage products.

Cannabis Product Packaging and Logos

Crafting the perfect logo to represent your CBD company is the first step in creating a name for your brand. Mad Mind Studios works with you to embody your brand’s story and message into the logo. The font, colors, and imagery are all carefully considered to create a unique logo for your CBD company.

Mad Mind Studios can also design CBD product packaging for food and beverage, cosmetics, health and wellness, and any other kind of CBD product. We focus on highlighting the product features in a way that reinforces your branding by carefully considering style choices. Your branding should have cohesive imagery and colors throughout all mediums, whether your vibe is ‘healthy’, ‘friendly’ or ‘luxury’.

How our CBD partners Stand Out From The Competition

Kickback Cold Brew

We partnered with Kickback Cold Brew to completely build their brand from the ground up – everything from logo design, web design, packaging design, social media management, and marketing. The company wanted to focus on a friendly and healthy persona, brought to life by bright colors and a nod to chill California vibes. The brand has expanded over the years to several new products, and is now available in stores across the United States.

Lion Cura

We worked with Lion Cura to reconfigure their branding strategy with vibrant and clear designs. They provide clean, bioavailable hemp products that are designed for therapeutic benefits, so we wanted to focus on those aspects in their packaging and print design. We used 3D mockups to create test our designs, and also created print flyers, stationery, and sales sheets.If you’re interested in increasing sales and gaining visibility for your CBD or hemp business, contact Mad Mind Studios for effective marketing and branding strategy.  

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