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Corporate Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design ideas and guidelines

When you imagine corporate logos, what iconic images come to mind? Globally recognized images such as Apple’s freshly bitten fruit, Nike’s bold swoop and McDonald’s soaring arches feature crisp, uncluttered designs that serve to embody all aspects of the institutions they symbolize. Without such careful image control, your company could easily become swept away in a sea of mediocre and oftentimes misleading branding. Selecting an image that clearly represents the values, quality and personality of your corporate organization guarantees that it will be recognized and trusted.

Kick start your brand identity

Mad Mind Studios specializes in carefully creating corporate logos that cater to your organization’s specific needs and values, and the benefits of having a high quality brand design are limitless. One such benefit of having a logo is the assurance of knowing that you will have a unified and distinct image that represents the quality, purpose and ethos of your company. This ensures that all of your company’s transactions- formal, informal or otherwise, will have a unilateral image that ties everything together. To view examples of successful Mad Mind Studios corporate logos, check out our Logo & Branding portfolio.

Why your logo is important

Having a fresh and compelling logo will also give you the unique representation your company deserves. Customers shop first with their eyes, and standing apart from the competition with a compelling logo will give your organization the advantage it needs to succeed. Logos are often beneficial in making your company seem more approachable and trustworthy. Whether we recognize it or not, a company’s logo becomes subconsciously engrained within our minds after merely a few moments of seeing it. This memorable impression will only become stronger as the scope and reach of the logo is implemented. For more information regarding Mad Mind Studios branding process, take a peek at what we do.

Contact our creative Los Angeles Corporate Logo Design team

Your company deserves strong, conscious branding that will draw customers in and remain a static reminder of the vision and principles you value most. Our designers at Mad Mind Studios will work with you one-on-one to create the right logo for you. Please contact us for more information or request a free quote today!.