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Do you have problems adapting your logo to different publications or web services? Maybe your logo appears fuzzy or distorted, or it’s hard to attain the resolution you need. If so, then you may be in need of logo repair. At Mad Mind Studios, we specialize in logo design and repair services in the Los Angeles area. We take low-resolution graphics, such as bitmaps, sketches and printed drawings and turning them into high resolution finished logos that can be resized for any item as small as a button and as large as a building.


The core component of logo repair is transforming your original logo image into a high-quality vector graphic. The vector replacement image becomes an outline, the electronic equivalent of tracing over the original, only with cleaner sharper lines. Then, we take the new shape and color it to match your chosen corporate or logo colors. We fill them in and create a modern, up to date version of your original logo but with a little pizazz. It creates a long lasting logo graphic that is flexible and can be adapted to whatever media you need to utilize.


Why compromise on image quality? We create a renovated logo that you can transfer using any digital medium. You can resize and manipulate it to fit any area, small or large, without loss of quality. It also benefits you because you then have a logo for life that you can use on business cards and create a proper brand for your company. A poor quality logo will make a poor impression on your business with potential customers. Your logo is the way people will recognize you and how you will be defined when people make first contact with you. With our logo repair service, your image is restored and can once again act as a proud ambassador for your brand.

One of the most important aspects of developing a visual identity and brand is the consistent use of your logo across all your advertising and marketing media. That fact alone makes a logo design repair a worthwhile investment. We supply you will all design file formats from .ai, .eps, .psd, .png, .jpg . You are assured of your logo always matching, whether it’s used on a website, a business card or on any printed material.

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