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Are you struggling to get your business found by potential customers in your local market? Mad Mind Studios has the expertise to help improve your local SEO and increase your visibility in local search results. Our Local Listing Management service is designed to maximize your online presence and help you reach more people in your local area.
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Claim Your Listings and Stay Secure

With our Local Listing Management service, we carefully select the most relevant directories for your business and claim your listings to prevent others from hijacking them. We manually update your Google Business Listing and optimize it for the greatest impact on Local SEO. Plus, we keep your listings secure by preventing unauthorized changes or takeovers.

Improve Your Ranking with Correct and Consistent Listings

Your business's position in Google's Local Pack is directly linked to the accuracy, consistency, and optimization of your business listings, website, and customer reviews. Our Local Listing Management service ensures that your business information is correct and consistent across all online directories, and we optimize your listings with the most relevant keywords and categories to boost your local SEO and improve your overall online visibility.

Save Money on Local Listing Services

Other local listing services can cost you between $500-$1000 dollars for the same services we offer. However, we hold certain agency accounts that allow us to pass on our discount and offer you local listing management for a fraction of the cost that you would pay by going directly.

Identify Your Local Web Presence with a Free Local Listing Audit

Don't let your business's online presence go unnoticed. Sign up for our free Local Listing Audit and discover where you appear on the web, the information that is being shown, and missed opportunities where you could be reaching more people. With our Local Listing Management service, you'll get a comprehensive solution that helps improve your local SEO, increases your online visibility, and drives more traffic to your business.


Key benefits of our Local Listing Management service:

Local Listing Management Program

Google Business

We manage all Google Business Listings manually. One of our team members will optimize the listing and monitor it for changes.

Must-Have Listings

Don’t miss customers who are using other search engines. Make sure your business is present in the most searched listings on the internet.

Industry Directories

Target the markets that are most relevant for your company. With 75+ listing directories, we have access to those that fit you best.