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Mad Mind Studios Partners with Kickback on New CBD Lemonade Drinks

As the CBD and hemp marketplace continues to grow, Kickback remains one of the top competitors by constantly innovating. The company has recently launched their new line of CBD infused Lemonades with the help of Mad Mind Studios marketing and packaging design services.

Mad Mind Studios has been partnered with Kickback since the early beginnings of their company in 2017. We focused  on establishing a fun, health-conscious persona to reflect the chill vibes of California in all of their branding. Through logo design, product packaging, social media engagement, marketing and web design, we were able to craft an original CBD brand that stands out from the rest. 

Behind The Design: Kickback Lemonade Packaging Design

Lemony Lemon

We were inspired by the positive vibes of the quote “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” when creating our packaging design for the chill Lemony Lemon drink. The label features key benefits of the beverage on a vibrant yellow background that creates a sunny, natural feel. We wanted to accentuate that this a relaxing CBD beverage made with real ingredients. 

Strawberry Sunshine

The combination of strawberry, watermelon and CBD brings about a sweet taste made perfect for that midday pick-me-up.  We included a bright strawberry pattern that compliments the logo to create a cohesive packaging design.

Mellow Mango

Much like the Lemony Lemon, we wanted to stay true to the natural color of the fruit. We chose a light orange similar to the inside of mango, to create a cheerful label that pops off the shelf. Each bottle in the lemonade line perfectly fits in with the Kickback brand, complementing the design of the ground coffee, teas, and tincture.  

Product Features 

It was important to highlight the lemonades as vegan, gluten-free and low-calorie. We made sure to showcase these unique health benefits on the label to help differentiate Kickback from other brands that use lower-quality or synthetic ingredients.

Kickback’s CBD branding goes beyond the labels of the products. The website layout is also important for making an impression and reaching their target audience. The new lemonade products are featured on the site which has easy access to information on product details and purchasing. The branding is consistent between the website, social media platforms and product labels, making it easier for visitors to understand what the company truly represents. 

If you’re preparing to launch a new product and interested in learning more about how our website design or logo design service works, feel free to reach out to us today.

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