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Is WordPress Good For SEO?

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), WordPress is highly used and recommended by SEO experts. The reason why WordPress is such a highly favored website builder is simply because it works very well for SEO, which is imperative when it comes to any businesses’ digital marketing strategy. In fact, SEO is a very big part of many businesses’ strategy, which is why it is so important to really consider the best website builder that is right for you.

Website traffic is something that every business should think about when they have a website. Therefore, to get the ideal amount of visitors to your site, there are some key factors to consider: (1) your searchability and visibility and (2) the type of CMS (content management system) that would support your searchability and visibility best. Most SEO experts would recommend WordPress for this.

In fact, WordPress is the most popular CMS that is used by people all over the world. From small businesses who wish to expand their reach, to much bigger businesses in a wide range of different niches, over 40% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

You may be wondering, what makes WordPress so unique? Here is a list of reasons:

1. Clean permalinks

Permalinks, otherwise known as permanent links, are the URLs on your website. Using WordPress, permalinks can be easily edited to the format that you want. It is important to know that Google favors clean and concise permalinks, which makes it easy for visitors to read. When permalinks are not easy to read or are overly complex, your visitors may not trust your website URL and may think that it is a scam or a malicious URL.

Customizing your permalinks to ensure that it is fitting with Google’s guidelines is imperative. When you have ugly links, it can result in harming your traffic. Therefore, WordPress allows you to edit them to ensure that it does not impact your ranking and it can increase your click-through rate (CTR) on search engines.

2. Add metadata automatically

On your website, the SEO title and the meta description are crucial for your rankings. As a result, they are necessary for almost every page and post of your website. One of the best ways that can improve your ranking is by including the keyword in the metadata. Additionally, metadata can help increase your CTR, as they can be seen on search engines. WordPress has many SEO plugins that you can utilize to ensure that you are making the most of your SEO efforts.

3. SEO-optimized images

Images are very important for SEO-efforts, as they help make your content more interesting and engaging. First, images are able to supply search engine bots with the contextual information that they need. This is important because a significant amount of Google searches occur on Google Images. Second, when you optimize the images on your website, it increases your site speed, which then improves user experience and helps with your rankings.

4. Improved user experience

User experience is imperative when it comes to any website. No one wants to deal with a slow website that is poorly structured. Google is able to determine how good a website’s user experience is based on the bounce rate, which is the average time that is spent on a page, shopping cart abandonment, and more. You can view these metrics on your Google Analytics and can determine whether your user experience should be improved.

5. Mobile optimization

Ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile (smartphones and tablets) is absolutely crucial, given the fact that the number of online searches done on mobile are significant. Therefore, it is important to adapt to this trend to ensure that you are capturing your audience and they are able to view and use your website on mobile easily. The great thing about WordPress is the fact that most themes are already optimized for mobile.

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