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Interview Series | Episode I: Amiee Kang

Mad Mind Studios is a team of creatives with a common goal of helping your business achieve more success. I had the opportunity to speak with our lead designer, Amiee, and asked her a few questions pertaining to her role at Mad Mind Studios and her lifestyle. This is the first interview in our series, and I couldn’t have been happier to have started with such a fun, creative person!

Hi Amiee! Can you tell us a little about yourself, like hobbies and where you’re from?

Amiee: Hi, Thomas, thank you for having me. I am a designer and creative director at a branding and marketing agency out in Westwood. I grew up in LA and love the diverse cityscape and people that this city has to offer. I love traveling and exploring cities and cultures, gaining insight and experiences that can help me broaden my perspective.

What college did you go to and what did you study?

Amiee: I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where I studied Industrial Design.

What is your favorite food

Amiee: My personal favorite would have to be Japanese cuisine for the delicate presentation, designs, as well as the clean palette. I love all cuisines to be honest. I believe that you get a glimpse of culture through food, and it’s an overall wonderful experience.

Has working with Mad Mind Studios helped you grow in your design abilities?

Amiee: Definitely. As a creative lead, I have a wide scope of work from communicating with clients to successfully building a brand. Working with various clients has definitely given me a chance to explore different styles, platforms, and projects, which helped me to grow as a designer.

What kind of projects do you typically work on?

Amiee: I work on design projects ranging from branding, marketing contents, social media, web and print designs. I work with the marketing team and other designers to pitch feedbacks and ideas to bring together the ultimate branding concepts for our clients.

Design trends are important to recognize

What are the current trends in logo design and graphic design that you’ve noticed?

Amiee: Current trends I have been noticing is cohesiveness and personalization. With the massive selection of platforms that exist today, you need a brand logo and identity that can be integrated flawlessly.

Do you have any predictions for design trends in 2018?

Amiee: There are so many brands and new ideas pouring out daily. No matter how innovative a product, without a strong face and identity, it will not get visibility. A good marketing strategy can help connect consumer demand to product innovation. With the development of VR/AR and AI, personalization and interaction will  become a big part of the future design world.

Why do you think firms should partner with Mad Mind Studios?

Amiee: Mad Mind Studio tailors design to each client. We love hearing the stories and ideas behind each business and creating a custom package of services for their needs.

After conducting this interview, I realized the value in asking questions like these to our creative team members; it allowed not only me, but our prospective clients to have a better insight into one of our project leaders. While Mad Mind Studios is a team of graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, brand specialists and marketing experts, each team member is an individual with his/her own unique background, and that’s what makes Mad Mind Studios a special place.

If you’re in need of a branding, marketing or web design firm with a specialty in graphic design, please feel free to reach out to us by phone (310.402.1613) or by email (info@omidm1.sg-host.com) and we can start our partnership together.

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