Create Meaningful Connections with Your Target Audience

The purpose of influencer marketing is to connect with people who have an audience, set trends, impact opinions of individuals, and have an online reputation. This gives you access to their audience, increasing your own brand’s reach. Mad Mind Studios strives to ensure the success of our clients.
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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing has become a vital strategy brands use to create authentic connections and increase brand awareness. Research has shown that more consumers are likely to connect with brands if they are recommended products from influencers they trust.

Our influencer marketing agency can develop a campaign around your specific goals. We work with macro and micro influencers to generate organic and relatable content surrounding your brand. Our creative team will track, measure, and optimize your influencer campaign to get the maximum results out of each connection.

Our Influencer Marketing Strategy

Plan: A consultation is required to learn your campaign goals and key performance indicators, such as brand awareness or engagement. This helps our team create a strategic plan for each influencer campaign in order to capture the right customer at the right time, on the right platform. 

Outreach: Our team researches and enlists macro and micro influencers that align with your brand’s target audience. 

Activation: Creators are briefed on content needs across their social media accounts. All deliverables are reviewed to make sure content is authentic, resonates with your target audience, and is compliant with FTC guidelines.

Our Influencer Marketing Services