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How To Use Infographics Effectively

A good infographic can go a long way.

Is it well designed?

Clear, focused graphics will lead the way to create an effective infographic. Test it out by looking at the infographic font size and style, as well as clarity of other images on the document. Cut it off or split into two images if it’s getting too long as the font shrinks smaller and smaller.

Creating an infographic can be done on Adobe Illustrator or free programs, such as Canva. Usually, you want an infographic to be exported in PDF or PNG format.

Does it make sense?

Why create an infographic about different types of dog food when you’re really writing about illnesses most commonly found in canines? Ensure your topic is cohesive and comprehensive, instead of leaving your reader second-guessing what you’re trying to say.

Here’s an infographic we created to give a little context behind Black Friday:

Black Friday infographic

We decided to include this data to display how big of an event Black Friday is in the United States to enhance our written content. Our content explained some marketing tips for retailers and e-commerce shops to ace their Black Friday sales and promotions. It also pointed to the emerging star of the sales weekend, Cyber Monday, with advice on optimizing sites for this sale.


Is it relevant or does it enhance the context or understanding?

In other words, why did you create this infographic? Does it actually enhance your own understanding of the concept you’re attempting to explain? Your goal in creating any graphic is to visually stimulate readers and help them translate facts or data in a way that makes sense.

If it’s not accurately representing your data or evidence, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

infographic mad mind studios

Lastly, is it visually simple?

If your grandma cannot figure out how to read your infographic, then it’s not ready to be released onto your social platforms and marketing content. Do the icons make sense where they are and is there a clear ‘pathway’ that naturally directs the reader towards your main points?


Promote it!

You worked hard on developing this infographic, so why not share it? Post this on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog, and include it in your email newsletter. The more eyes that view your infographic, the more potential for new subscribers, followers, and customers!Mad Mind Studios

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