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How to Tell if Your Pitch Deck is Good for Investors or for the Abyss

Investor Pitch Deck Design

When presenting your pitch deck, it’s got to be right on the money or your product, service, or idea isn’t going to go anywhere. Knowing if you’ve achieved your goals within your presentation can be challenging but here are some ways to tell if you got it right…or not.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is also referred to as a startup pitch deck or investor pitch deck. It is an overview of a business, product, or idea that is usually presented in a slide show fashion using a projector screen. It can include a PowerPoint or verbal presentation as well. Pitch deck presentations are generally short, consisting of just a handful of slides that last a minimal length of time so the message and graphics must be consolidated.

The purpose of a pitch deck is to instill interest from an investor, someone you are trying to secure a loan from, or to draw marketing attention from consumers or a potential partner. The end result is what you are hoping to gain from having a successful presentation.

A great pitch deck is noted by the professionalism it airs as well as through exhibiting a strong first impression and activating engagement from the audience. It must be highly researched, creative, and well-executed.

What Should a Pitch Deck Include?

While a pitch deck leaves room for creativity and innovative qualities, there are some factors that all should have in common including:

Reinforcement of company branding.  Design branding is of utmost importance within a pitch deck presentation. You’ll want to strongly identify your brand and then go on to consistently remind the viewer of the personality and story behind your brand. A professional pitch deck designer can implement your brand’s identity without it even being obvious yet it will stick in their subconscious which is exactly what you want to happen.

Introduction. With your company branding in mind, your team or product can be introduced. Or, if you are a sole owner without a partner or employees, you may want to introduce yourself. You’ll want to add personality and passion to the message but remember, pitch deck presentations are short.

The problem. It’s common practice to introduce a problem early on in your presentation. Your strategy to save the whales won’t be seen as being near as important if you don’t start out by telling your audience how they are in grave danger. The problem should include a carefully crafted mixture of emotion and facts.

The solution. Your product, company, or idea should offer a solution to the problem you introduced. This is where your presentation should shine. Why is it a viable solution and most importantly, why is it the best solution?

Conclusion. The end of your presentation is where everything falls together and gives a call to action that leads to the end result you are hoping for.

Benefits of an Outstanding Pitch Deck

You can always just have a verbal meeting with a potential sponsor or someone you are hoping to sell to or partner with to tell them how great your business, product, or idea is. You could even write them a letter or send an email. But pitch decks have proven to be monumental is securing the end results the producers are looking for so why not rely on the tried-and-true method of a presentation?

Some of the many benefits of a pitch deck are:

  • Creating awareness
  • Generating interest
  • Securing capital
  • Sending a powerful message
  • Creative weaving
  • Storytelling
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Emotional engagement

When you have a pitch deck that is expertly designed and presented, the outcome is going to be powerful too. Investing in a spectacular presentation is well worth the money.

Perfecting Your Pitch Deck Design

Your pitch deck design combines all the creative and informative elements into one presentation. The success depends upon factors such as the way your brand is presented and even the tempo of your slide show. When a presentation “gets it”, there is no question about it. It will be written all over the faces of those in your audience and the end results will be favorable.

Prior to creating the pitch deck, a branding design team works alongside you to determine the exact brand identity you wish for your company or service to have. A brand identity is the personality of your brand. It includes a palate of colors, types and sizes of fonts, and the image or graphics that effectively tell the story of your brand. Once those details are decided, a logo is crafted. Then, your brand is brought to life even further through tag lines and other marketing methods.

The ideal pitch deck spawns from a great plan. Every piece of information you wish to tell the viewer is analyzed, written or illustrated, and rewritten and re-illustrated. The goal of the project is identified and laid out into steps so that it can be successfully achieved.

The way the plan falls together is largely dependent upon having an outstanding group of professionals. An experienced team that has highly skilled members work together to bring their areas of expertise, like branding design, into a single, incredible production that informs and educates yet pulls at an emotional heartstring to get the results you’re looking for.

There’s nothing like the feeling of successfully presenting your brand to an investor or sponsor. Not only do you reap the rewards of getting sponsorship, a loan, or whatever the end goal of your project was, you also have that knowing feeling that your brand has arrived because…it has!

Pitch Deck and Branding Design Los Angeles

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