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How to Elevate Your CBD Packaging for Maximum Profit

Elevte your cbd packaging

The CBD market is one of the fastest growing niches in the nation. It is projected to reach over $5 billion this year and has promise of $23.7 billion in 2023. While the CBD industry is booming, so is the competition. If you have a CBD product for sale, you have to be on your toes, from your CBD branding to your CBD packaging and everything in between.

The Significance of CBD Packaging

Let’s face it – everyone judges a book by its cover and a product by it’s packaging. CBD packages tell the story behind the product. Cheap CBD packaging is an indication that your product is not worth protecting or promoting.

The package itself should serve the purpose of safeguarding the product. Whether it’s in a cardboard box, crate, barrel or bottle, the ingredients need to remain intact during transportation to the destination. Given the nature of the substance, the CBD packaging should also keep the product fresh. It’s important to find the best deals on packaging, however, or you’ll never make a dime.
Equally as important is that CBD packages need to be designed to market your wares. From the moment a potential customer lays eyes on your package, it should jump out and scream, “Buy me! Buy me!”

Marketing through CBD Branding Packaging

Your CBD packaging is very powerful. It’s the first encounter customers will have with your product. Certain criteria should be taken into consideration in branding packaging Establishing the identity of your brand and setting it apart from the rest is imperative.

Brand Identity and Packaging

Your packaging should glorify your CBD logo and brand image so that they shine through. You don’t want one to overpower the other. The personality of your product should be consistent and clearly recognized through the combination of your logo and CBD packaging.

CBD Color Trends

Wise marketers know that colors are psychologically representative of concepts, thoughts, and emotions and work within that realm. CBD by design is a product of nature so green is a favorite color association. If your CBD product is natural yet playful, you might also add in primary colors in the packaging If it the secondary trait is that it is potent and powerful, red speaks volumes.

Your Audience Matters in Marketing

Who is the target market for CBD? It depends. There are those who are intellects, utilizing CBD for medicinal purposes. There are also the young and hip who are more into the trend aspect. Much will have to do with the nature of your product. Be sure to know who your target audience is so you can attract and accommodate them.

Achievement Goals of Effective CBD Packaging

When you know what the game plan is, it makes attaining your goal easier. The main marketing objectives of branding packaging include:

  • Grabbing attention. Whether your product is on the shelves or on an online ad, you have mere seconds to capture a potential customer’s eyes. By an outstanding logo, meticulously chosen colors, and the quality of the packaging itself, you’ll naturally attract attention.
  • Your story. One thing that distinguishes one CBD product from the next is the story behind it. What does your merchandise promise? Perhaps your slant is a quirky, trendy CBD drink that is marketed to replace alcohol. Your logo might be comical and a clever saying like “all the happiness without the hangover” could be beneath, telling your story that the product is both whimsical and useful. Imagine your product sitting next to another CBD drink that blandly states, “a healthy replacement for alcoholic beverages.” Which one would you choose?
  • Personality. Your brand personality should be a focal point in packaging design. It should work synergistically with your CBD by design and should be representative of your brand story. Consider the gecko on Geico. Knowing that Geico would be a difficult name to remember, a savvy marketing team came up with the idea to associate the name to a gecko and to make the gecko full of personality – cute and clever. The gecko then delivers the story or message that Geico saves customers money.
  • Building trust. Customers love consistency. If you are always redesigning your CBD packing, they won’t know what to expect. The same is true if your packaging projects one thing and your product another. An exception is when improving your product. Then you’ll want to promote your betterments. Advertising “new and improved” on the packaging can help you get the word out but be sure it’s true, so you continue to establish and maintain trust.
  • Engagement. You want your shoppers to engage with your packaging. Whether it’s bringing a giggle, a smile, a feeling of relief, or any other emotion or interaction, your packaging should speak to, not at, your customers.
  • Drive results. The final and perhaps most important goal in CBD branding packaging is to drive end results…the sale.

If you are looking to perfect your CBD packaging so it protects and promotes your business for outstanding results, be sure to check out the talented team at Mad Mind Studios. We’ve got you covered.

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