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How Can SEO Services Attract Clients for Law Firms?

In a fiercely competitive market for attorneys, if you’re going to be successful, you have to stand out. Having an outstanding, professional website with search engine-optimized content is imperative or you’ll get left behind.

A recent survey concluded that 76% of users polled stated they conducted an online search and visited one or more law firm websites prior to hiring a lawyer. The study also revealed thirty percent visited six or more sites.

The verdict is in. In today’s market, you online presence needs to be cutting-edge. Through an amazing website to showcase your firm on and excellent and effective SEO services, you’ll attract and engage viewers who ultimately turn into new clients.

What is Legal SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of enhancing your web pages so that they rank in a high position in the search results of search engines – like Google. If your content isn’t optimized for search purposes, no one will know your site even exists.

Legal SEO falls under the heading of technical Search Engine Optimization. It is the act of intentionally incorporating legal keyword-rich content into your website and content outside your website that points and links to your site so readers can find you.

Simply showing up in the rankings isn’t good enough. You have to get in the first page or two – preferably at the top of the first page in order to catch the attention of busy, impatient viewers. To achieve this feat, SEO services must be applied skillfully, preferably by a professional.

Do law firms need SEO? Absolutely. Without it, you certainly won’t get ahead.

Benefits of Law Firm SEO

By utilizing legal SEO services, you’ll reap the rewards such as:

  • Captivating the reader’s attention
  • Engaging your audience
  • Driving results to your POS (Point of Sale) or appointment


The Skillful Creation of Legal SEO

Expert content creators are highly talented when it comes to using legal SEO strategies.

Through knowledge, experience, and skill, they are able to work magic where SEO results are concerned. Some of the methods the experts employ in their SEO services include:

Building Keywords. Knowing which keywords will benefit you the most is important if you want results. Keywords have various rankings and carry different clout. For instance, a keyword that is highly searched will give you higher scores for priority ranking but typically comes with a lot of competition. Lesser searched words and terms are generally easier to rank high in but don’t reach as many viewers. A professional knows how to integrate all types of keywords to the ultimate results.

Proper Implementation of Relevant Keywords. Keyword stuffing will bring about negative results. The search engines will penalize you and your readers will be insulted. By using meaningful keywords that are related to your law firm services, you’ll rank high in SEO results and gain followers, even clients.

Organic Visibility. Organic visibility is the analyzation of the way in which your domain is progressing over a period of time and the changes that have taken place – both positive and negative. This technique is valuable for seeing Search Engine Optimization in action so you will know if what you’re doing is working for you.

Branded Content. A professional will work with your brand to establish and consistently carry out your brand identity which is the unique personality of your law firm. Is your tone all business, business casual, friendly and casual, or clever? Whatever overall voice you wish for your firm to convey, an expert will know exactly how to carry it out while using keyword-rich content for SEO purposes while doing so.

New Content. Along with having optimized content on your page, you want to make sure to add fresh, new content regularly. Law Firm SEO-rich blogs, news articles, service page updates, and new posts are excellent ways to attain that. The search engines will reward you and your audience will respect you for gracing them with the content. Since most attorneys are busy practicing law, you may want to consider hiring the service out to an expert.

Visual Content. Written content isn’t the only type that can be optimized for your law firm. Photos, illustrations, graphs, and graphics can also display Law Firm SEO through customization of the file name and other practices as well.

Internal Links. Search engines love internal links that take your viewers from one page of your site to another. For instance, if your law firm services include personal injury, you can link specialized areas of personal injury to the main personal injury page. By linking your own pages, you’ll enhance your reader’s experience and gain SEO favor.

External Links. Written content about your firm and legal services can be anywhere on the web. Guest blogs are an extremely popular way to increase traffic to your site as are information articles, press releases, social media posts, etc. When placing content outside your site, you will want to link to your site so readers can find out all about you and what you offer as an attorney. Search engines take kindly to those who implement external links because it proves validity.

Localization. Since law firms are usually considered local businesses, marketing locally is advised. Why compete with New York City attorneys if you are located in Los Angeles? Local SEO services for law firms that specialize in Law Firm SEO are able to create stellar Law Firm SEO content because they are experts in legal SEO and know your area too.

SEO Agency Near Me

If you re looking for local SEO services for law firms, you can conduct an online search for “legal SEO agency near me.” Review the results and then narrow the list down according to your preference and their qualifications.

If you are looking for an outstanding legal SEO in Los Angeles that tailors SEO to your law firm, be sure to check out the talented team at Mad Mind Studios.

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